Happy Birthday HalfEatenPie

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And with that, thread locked! 

Thanks again to everyone, however please lets not necro old posts :)

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    • By Aldryic C'boas

      Fran turns 30 today.  Now that he's officially old, let's help him celebrate with some ridiculous birthday images :P
    • By KnownHost-ChrisM
      I would like to wish @MannDude a Happy 26th Birthday!

      Have a nice one dude!
    • By Ishaq
      According to skype it's his birthday.
      Happy birthday!
      Have a good one!
    • By bizzard
      I have seen many of the providers who sells LowEndBoxes and other hosting services giving away gifts on their birthday. Last one among them being BlueVM, and I am happy to get hold of one of their semi annual OpenVZ package. But, usually birthday gifts are given the other way. The birthday boy/girl usually gets the gift. During my childhood days, I used to get a lot of them and the biggest/costliest one being my PC, which I received 8 years ago(It still works great and run Debian 7 with XFCE, being used by my younger brothers). After that, I don't remember receiving any gifts on my Birthday.

      I have seen my parents exchanging gifts on their birthdays, and even my brothers receive a lot and I too gift them usually tech gadgets. The other chance for receiving gift at this age is from your lover, which unfortunately I don't have. I don't know if this is the case with all who just passed their teenage. My last few birthdays ended up with just few wishes in FB and Twitter and a very few phone calls and messages. Also, since my birthday comes in the holiday season here, I didn't get much chance to celebrate it during the school/college days.

      What about the birthday celebration of others over here? Share about the gifts you received and how much it meant for you.

      Now, coming to the main point, I am turning 23 tomorrow(May 25th) and I am happy to receive any sort of gifts :). Being a community that discusses about Virtual Servers, you can gift me with VPS's or the providers can offer me an internship or what so ever.

      Side Note: I personally know few who are against birthday gifts and celebrations as they feel like every birthday makes you closer to death. This post is not for them.