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    Dedicated server in Chicago and Buffalo?

    Hi Kunnu, We also have servers in NYC via Please feel free to stop by the live chat on our site if you have any questions. 
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    Jonny Nguyen - GreenValueHost - Raided by Police.

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    FraudRecord WHMCS Module Problems

    Seeing the same issue from our end as well.
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    Spamming hosting clients

    With proper order screening and scripts setup to monitor SMTP connections we've cut down on customers signing up to send spam in the first place. However of course nothing is 100%, customers websites do get exploited, ect. In the event that we receive a notice in regards to spam, we manually...
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    Namecheap $5.88 Register & $3.88 Transfer

    What security features are they lacking? Two factor authorization can be enabled inside of your account.
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    19:49:58 up 7 min, 1 user, load average: 238.29, 74.69, 26.50 [email protected]:~#

    Optimize Apache according to the amount of traffic your website is receiving. Or you can switch to an Apache alternative such as Nginx, Lighttpd, Lightspeed, ect.
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    DigitalOcean New York City 3

    It looks like NYC3 is actually located just outside of the city in New Jersey. In the blog post an employee linked:
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    Is there a need for a Freelancers Forum?

    Well in my opinion you'd have to think more of "what will make my website different from the others". There are already freelancher forums out there, but what's going to make someone want to be apart of your community? 
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    boltvm vpsboard-banner?

    I'm liking the design, very clean imo. FAQ page is blank at this time, but I'm sure you're still working on it :)
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    Packet drops on OpenVZ VM - What might be the reason

    Sounds you could be running into the "ip_conntrack: table full, dropping packet" issue. Try the following:
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    I've never had a domain with any other company besides Namecheap. I've never had one bad thing to say about them.
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    SolusVM OpenVZ OS Templates

    Not sure if you've seen this before but here's a tutorial on how to create an OpenVZ cPanel template: 
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    FedEX sucks

    I've never had any issues with FexEx, luckily. All of the delivery times have been spot on, aside from delays caused by a blizzard two years ago but that's to be expected with the wonderful New England weather.
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    Seagate Drives

    We've generally had good luck with Seagate ST2000DM001's. I've seen one DOA drive and two die throughout the past year.
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    ★ ★ Free DDoS Protection ★ 30GB Disk Space - 1GB Dedicated Ram - 2TB Bandwidth ★ ONLY - We Dare To Be Different   Daring Host was founded in April of 2010, and has not looked back since. We have been here day in and day out for over the past 4 years, without breaks. We take pride in helping our clients grow and becoming successful. We are not afraid to go the...