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    [USA] ✔ Professional Xen Windows VPS Hosting ✔ ***From 7 $ / GB***

    As it goes for @wlanboy, thank you for pointing it out to me,i've fixed it.
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    [USA] ✔ Professional Xen Windows VPS Hosting ✔ ***From 7 $ / GB***

    For this budget, i thought it would be obvious by itself. I don't see nothing dishonest,our wiki is here,in topic i do state that VPSes are pre-activated with 180 days trial and in our wiki we also state that we do not provide licenses. I'm having a strong feeling that people on this forum...
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    Recommendations for knowledge base software

    Dokuwiki might be just the right thing for you.
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    So mean :(
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    Opinion on pre-paying?

    When i order i always order for a month to see how it goes first. I've ordered a game server for minecraft approx. 2-3 years ago from VeryGames. I've pre-payed it for 6 months in advance, it was so horrible i cannot even explain as i had a population of 100 players online at peek times. Good...
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    [USA] ✔ Professional Xen Windows VPS Hosting ✔ ***From 7 $ / GB***

    Hello, dear community, users of VPSBoard. I am here today beacuse i would like to introduce you and tell you about our newest offer. Since it is christmas, i hope moderators will approve my offer, as i will not spam the forum to gain posts in order to post this offer. So *fingers crossed* hehe...
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    Merry Christmas Ya'll

    Merry Christmas folks !
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    36TB RAW Backup Server for CHEAP

    This really is cheap.
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    CentOS 6.5 out now

    Quit hatin' brah :D
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    Race to the Bottom News: 2GB RAM, 2IPs for $1.67 monthly

    Yes, i agree with you on this one. However, they've done many improvements and there is very little amount of abusers left. But in all honesty,a VPS from them should be good for some minor hosting people are running.
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    Race to the Bottom News: 2GB RAM, 2IPs for $1.67 monthly

    Or you can just go with eduvps which offers free vpses with decent hardware :D
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    How do you like your steak cooked?

    I like it cooked, normally cooked without any blood but cooked everywhere.  :pony:
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    Paul Walker : RIP :( Will Miss You

    People die, it happens.
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    Running a lightweight GUI on your vps

    Fairly good & useful tutorial. Good job.