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    TeraFire, LLC -- BitCoin Now Accepted

    Actually we use blockchain directly.
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    Looking for 2 SSL Certificates

    Same price available here. Not publicly though
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    $5.00/yr Comodo PositiveSSL Certs

    ?? Website is loading just fine 
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    $5.00/yr Comodo PositiveSSL Certs

    Hello everyone, We're just running a limited promotion on $5/yr Comodo PositiveSSL Certificates. Right now we have 20 in stock. Order link is below: Multiple orders allowed. Manually approved :) Regards, TeraFire
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    TeraFire, LLC -- BitCoin Now Accepted

    We actually have had a few inquiries, and since we added the payment method a few people have bought using bitcoin
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    TeraFire, LLC || OpenVZ & KVM || Los Angeles & Singapore

    We have two locations One is located in the Los Angeles Quadranet datacenter, with a 1Gbit uplink, and offer affordable, aggressive, KVM and OpenVZ plans. It has great latency to Asia. Our Los Angeles location fully IPv6 native. You can request your own personal /64 for yourself via ticket for...
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    TeraFire, LLC -- BitCoin Now Accepted

    Hey everyone, Just a quick announcement that BitCoin is now officially supported. Although we always worked with our customers on alternative payment methods, all orders and invoices are able to use BitCoin as a payment method.. Thanks for listening!
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    I miss you guys

    Whatever it is, I'm the victim.
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    I miss you guys

    Not far :P
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    I miss you guys

    Hello :)
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    The CC gang & shell companies

    ColoCrossing, although as evil as it is, are extremely smart when it comes to their inherent takeover of the low-end VPS market. Not only do they own/operate or have a very high vested interest in many of the companies that out-price all the competition, but they also push semi-successful...
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    Request for Dedicated or Hardware Virtualization VPS in Singapore

    We have Singapore VPS offers. If you check our post history
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    Terafire Reseller - Review - Best experience until now

    Thank you for this excellent review :)
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    Terafire - Singapore!

    Speeds have quadrupled now for Singapore :)
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    How to waste ad money.