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    YouTube radio or streaming playlist script?

    I'm thinking of throwing something together with youtube-dl, ffmpeg and icecast...
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    BlueVM and the great labor rights of exploiting labor

    Well, time for a little bit of opinion from me. I personally like BlueVM as they provide decent service with a decent price tag. However, I am a bit leery about having a volunteer have access to Feathur or WHMCS. I know that Justin gives everyone a NDA but still I think there is potential for...
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    SubBuddy-py: A YouTube Subscription Auto-downloader

    This sounds amazing. Thanks a lot.
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    Cell Phones

    LG Viper LTE with Sprint running ICS, it does what I need it to do.
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    256MB Chicago KVM, non-CC.

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    Budget Phone Service

    Ok I'm going to blow your minds. First of all I shall start with my Ting usage (current phone is a LG Viper LTE so I can have LTE :D) Without taxes it comes to $17.00 a month. Next Phone of choice is the iPhone 3GS on Airvoice Wireless (AT&T MVNO). I put $10 in my account every 90 days and I...
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    How to gauge the quality of a provider's network

    I've seen screwy routes from Atrato, Chicago --> New York --> Amsterdam ---> London --> New York --> Chicago
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    Whats your home connection speed?

    $30 I beat you @Tux.
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    RamNode Down?

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    Help me save my connection!

    Flash a custom firmware like dd-wrt or openwrt, and QOS.
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    Post your desktop!

    But I like D:
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    lol, Damian is amazing.
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    Welcome back folks