1. drmike

    Run Android Apps under Ubuntu with KDE - Shashlik

    I am excited by the potential of this project.  It's early yet, so cutting edge and not polished if your OS and desktop isn't what they are building for. Shashlik allows you to run Android apps on Ubuntu, so long as you are running KDE.   Others, good luck, try it and maybe we can help kick...
  2. drmike

    India's National sub $4 quad core Android Smartphone

    India is launching a $4 USD Android smartphone and it is in part funded by their defence department.  $3.67 at current money exchange rates... 1.3Ghz quad code CPU + 1GB RAM + 8GB storage + card slot for storage expansion.  IPS screen also, but no resolution listed. Looks just awesome...
  3. eva2000

    Android & Windows VPN clients for L2TP IPSec ?

    I mainly use Android devices so had setup my own local Brisbane & Sydney and US based CentOS OpenVPN VPN VPS servers to connect to. However, I'm wanting to extend VPN coverage to Windows 8.1 phone devices too and they prefer L2TP. So I've setup a CentOS 7 server (running Centmin Mod of course)...
  4. HalfEatenPie

    Android Phone Full Regular Backups

    Howdy folks! So recently there was a situation where a phone we had lost all of it's pictures via user error (User deleted all of their pictures accidentally when they wanted to delete one picture).  So I'm doing what I can to try and do data recovery, but it's not going too well (Recuva's...
  5. N

    JuiceSSH Pro (Android SSH client) free until March 18 Requires a Google-hosted email address to get the free Pro key and it takes "2 to 6 hours" for you to receive your key. I haven't actually used JuiceSSH yet, but I hear it's good. And free is always nice.
  6. MartinD

    Google Nexus 5

    Is anyone running the Nexus 5? I've just ordered one for the other half but wanted to know ahead of time if there's anything specific about it that should be pointed out? Cheers :)
  7. drmike

    2014 Android rooted cheap tablet recommendations

    My kick about beater Droid phone committed suicide the other day.  Purely for wifi use...  Leaving me contemplating moving over to a more modern Android tablet instead. Looking for recommendations for Android tablets that use 4.x OS, have bluetooth, have wifi (they all do I think) and comes...
  8. drmike

    Android OS growth DECLINES.

    Aug 8, ’13 11:24 AM Author Horace Dediu Categories Market Signs of US Android net user decline ComScore’s latest survey for US smartphone users showed that Android had 52% share of about 142 million users. That amounts to 73.84 million Android devices in use. ComScore’s previous such survey...