Android OS growth DECLINES.


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Aug 8, ’13 11:24 AM Author
Horace Dediu

Signs of US Android net user decline

ComScore’s latest survey for US smartphone users showed that Android had 52% share of about 142 million users. That amounts to 73.84 million Android devices in use.

ComScore’s previous such survey showed that Android had 52.4% of about 141 million users. This amounts to 73.88 million Android devices in use. It also means that Android usage in the US went down for the first time.

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I'm of the opinion that android statistics are hard to draw conclusions from. You can get android phones so cheap sometimes, or even free, and that makes it hard to determine whether people purchase them because they walked in knowing they wanted an operating system or just wanted the nearest available smart phone. I think iOS devices may be subject to the same opinion soon.

I think android has an interesting future though. Certainly isn't going anywhere


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I agree.

I have a stack of Android devices for different testing and use scenarios.  Some are phones, some are tablets.  None are attached to any pay services (i.e. cellular).  

Probably quarterly they end up wiped, new distro installed, apps reinstalled, etc.

So my use stats greatly inflate their fake market.   Every app I download is like 5-10 times and  I have oh, 6 Droid devices.

But then again,  steering away from all the Gapps stuff (guvern'mint apps).  So that's slighting some of their counting, and I don't "activate" the devices either.


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Google's traffic is steadily increasing from Android devices, it's growing internationally, but slowing because it's saturating the market.