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I am excited by the potential of this project.  It's early yet, so cutting edge and not polished if your OS and desktop isn't what they are building for.

Shashlik allows you to run Android apps on Ubuntu, so long as you are running KDE.   Others, good luck, try it and maybe we can help kick solutions back to the authors.

This is for Kubuntu:

ArchLinux and Github links over here:

Place you can grab famous software APKs from:

Someone give it a spin.  My Linux Mint environment installs it, but no dice getting anything to work.  Going to spin up VirtualBox Kubuntu install later and see if it will work under that.


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Looks like you can build it from source.



First download and install “repo”. A tool that makes it easier to work with multiple git repositories at once.

$ mkdir ~/bin
$ PATH=~/bin:$PATH

Download the repo tool and make it executable

$ curl > ~/bin/repo
$ chmod a+x ~/bin/repo

##Getting the code

Create a new directory, and start a repo sync with our manifest

mkdir shashlik
cd shashlik
repo init -u
repo sync

Note: The code base is huge. As in, really huge.

Learn more about repo at


Source a script containing env vars and setup, and hit make

source build/


Installation is currently a manual process as the state changes rapidly.
It’s fairly obvious from the debian files which files are needed where.
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@drmike It might work with Mint KDE, and running Shashlick's VM inside another VM does not sound ideal.
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I haven't figured out how to get this working under LinuxMint Cinnamon.  

Hoping they expand support to other desktop environments.