1. Radi ||| Mail Hosting done right!

    Hello everyone, We are back with our mail solution. We know how troublesome can be managing your own mail server, so we are here to take this off-your-shoulders so you can focus on growing your website or your business. Each of our email plans comes with the following: Zimbra Collaboration...
  2. sales@letsIDC.COM

    V&WEB Cpanel web Hosting From 7.9/month - MySQL

    Are you still looking for Web Hosting? Check here! We provide the greatest and finest price of Web Hosting on V&Web. With these advantages: ★ Providing US/China web hosting ★ CDN can be equipped ★ Guaranteed 99% uptime ★ Free SSL ★ 24/7 support...
  3. C

    Would you be interested? New Email, Chat and File sharing Application for Hosting Providers

    Hello guys, we've been developing an application that you install on your cPanel server(s) and after that, you get a centralized place ( where your hosting customers originating from these servers can login and use it to email, chat, make audio/video calls, conferences...
  4. OneStepHosting

    BIGGEST Hosted Exchange mailbox on the market: 125GB !! for only £4.45/month , inc Anti Spam & AV

    Hosted Exchange Email at Follow us on Twitter: @1stephosting Backed-up data Industry leading cloud-based security and segmentation ensures your data is safe and secure. Data is also backed-up each day on a 30 day retention period. Award winning Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus...
  5. drmike

    Email Spam Decreases to Less than 50% of all Email

    Source: The good news... (maybe the CC spam crackdown is working :) ) Page 3: There is good news this month on the email-based front of the threat landscape. According to our metrics, the...
  6. B

    Roundcube Next

    The web hosting industry doesn't need an introduction on Roundcube. Being the most popular open source webmail application, its bundled with almost all shared hosting control panels and many mail provides use its customized versions.   During its initial development time, Roundcube was intended...
  7. Pmadd

    Mail-In-A-Box error with spampd, any ideas?

    Hello, thanks for taking time out of your schedule to read and hopefully help me with my issue. When I use the automatic installer for mail-in-a-box I run into this error Errors were encountered while processing: spampd E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)...
  8. DomainBop

    PayPal Questions Legality of Encrypted Email

    statement: news article:
  9. R

    Setup emails in my VPS with the domain reregistered in other provider?

    Hi, I have my domain in and a VPS server with another provider. I have an A record pointing at my VPS IP, so that is working good. Now I want to setup an email account in my server too ( with the domain registered in, how can I setup the DNS in godaddy...
  10. M

    Simple mail server setup

    I'm migrating a bunch of sites from a terrible oversold vps service with cpanel and all that jazz to an unmanaged vps that will be run almost completely through the command line. I have pretty much everything under control but email, and am hoping I can get a little insight into how I can get...
  11. drmike

    Email Provider Recommendation - dedicated email or Cpanel

    I have a need for a "real" email service.  Looking for recommendations. Requirements: Seeking a general purpose email service to connect to desktop clients, tablets and mobile devices. IMAP/POP3/SMTP/web interface 25GB or much more for longer term storage 10 domains to provider email for...
  12. X

    Zimbra Feedback

    I have only used Zimbra a user but never as an administrator stand point. Has anyone here used it before? If so, can you provide your feedback.