1. HalfEatenPie

    The Network, The Internet, The Lone Server

    Hey guys! Recently I've been diving head-first into a more in-depth view on Network Monitoring.  However, I wanted to ask this question to the community. What do you consider network monitoring?  What's the scope?  Would you say network monitoring is reserved for routers and switches?  Would...
  2. drmike

    VPS container proactive security - recommendations

    I have a VPS out there which over time has become a repetitive problem with hack / something getting into container / misuse thereafter.   Big picture unsure why.  Previously isolated post-event to PHP compromise.  Scrapped PHP and went different direction and months later, a second compromise...
  3. SentinelTower

    SentinelTower - Server monitoring service

    == Who is Suikatech? == We are a freshly created company with the goal to build nice and useful tools for the world wide web. Our vision is to bring the virtual world to reality by creating cool and easy to use softwares. By creating software for sysops we hope that their tasks will be easier...
  4. J

    Monitoring system - free beta

    I'm developing a server resource monitoring system as a more cost-efficient alternative to some of the big names. So far I have a (nearly) MVP and am adding new features every day. The system currently comprises load, memory, space, inodes, IO and TX/RX monitoring + alerting.   Screenshot...
  5. E

    Monitoring Service Beta (Sentinel Tower)

    Hello members of VPSBoard, Today we are proudly launching the beta version of our server monitoring service. As many others, our solution is based on an agent that you install on your server and a hosted software which displays and send notifications. The current version only supports the...
  6. A

    Is there any interest in a cheap stats/metric service? [e.g. $.05/metric/month]

    As far as I can tell only Librato is around that price point but they are 5 minute resolution, when I'd want at least 60s resolution :/
  7. E

    What do you expect from a server monitoring service ?

    Hello VpsBoard members, I am exploring ideas with the intent of starting a company and I came up with the idea a creating a server monitoring service. My plan is to do something more complete then a ping based monitoring service, less hassling than setting up your own service (cacti, munin, …)...
  8. kaniini

    Latency monitoring of common DCs and hosts

    Hi guys, As a side effect of monitoring the performance of my own network, using Smokeping, I realized that I actually have a lot of useful data on the latencies of other providers. You can find the Smokeping instance here: If you want me to...