1. S

    FLASH SALE | e3-1271v3 - 32gb - 512GB SSD - 49$ (1st month) | e3's all on sale!

    Between quality hardware and expert support staff there isn't a worry. Begin hosting with SSDBlaze and put previous concerns and poor experiences to rest making hosting issues a memory of the past. All discounts are while supplies last. Promo Code 20$ Off (1st month) - FLASHSALE NYC Servers...
  2. JFSG

    ★★★★★ Managed Dedicated Server from $129 ★ FREE DDoS Protection ★ FREE cPanel ★ - High Performance DDoS Protected Managed Dedicated Servers Are you looking for these? - DDoS Protection - Brilliant Support - Affordable Prices - Reliability & Stability If your answer is yes, Limenex is your answer. Enjoy premium DDoS Protected Managed Dedicated Servers...
  3. Awmusic12635

    Impact VPS - 2 New Locations And Features

    We sent this email out to our customers yesterday night. Figured it might be interesting to some people here:
  4. G

    Wable - SSD Cloud, Snapshot, Resize, Clone, Dallas, NYC, Seattle

    VPSBoard Members can take advantage of our Wable powerboost! Get 2 additional CPUs/VPS, 4GB additional RAM, and 30GB additional SSD storage by clicking here (only works on Bundle #3 or higher). Click it while you can, promo will end soon. (To use...
  5. VPN.SH

    FixedRoute - Cyber Monday - Dedicated IP VPN's from $1.25/month - NYC or Seattle

    Hey vpsBoard, We're running a Cyber Monday promotion over at FixedRoute, so get hold of yours before they run out! Limited stock only! With FixedRoute, you'll get a dedicated IP VPN in either New York City or Seattle. We currently have two data options: 500GB/month and 1500GB/month. These are...
  6. VPN.SH

    FixedRoute - Dedicated IP VPN's in Seattle & NYC - From $1.50/month

    Hey vpsBoard, As some of you are aware, I started offering some dedicated IP VPN's over at VPN.SH that ended up having issues getting launched. The demand was fairly high, and whilst there are some ongoing issues at VPN.SH, I took the plunge to move the dedicated IP's to a fresh service...
  7. mojeda

    RamNode - DDoS Filtering, New Pricing/Plans, Control Panel and RIP Coupons

    Got this email in my box just a few moments ago:
  8. MannDude

    Providers in New York City?

    What providers are offering out of NYC with a good network these days? Looking for something specifically with a good connection to the UK and Europe. Looking for New York City, not Buffalo or New Jersey right now. NYC. SSD is a plus. KVM preferred, but will settle for OpenVZ or even Xen...