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Hey vpsBoard,

As some of you are aware, I started offering some dedicated IP VPN's over at VPN.SH that ended up having issues getting launched. The demand was fairly high, and whilst there are some ongoing issues at VPN.SH, I took the plunge to move the dedicated IP's to a fresh service: FixedRoute.

With FixedRoute, you'll get a dedicated IP VPN in either New York City or Seattle. We currently have two data options: 500GB/month and 1500GB/month.

These are OpenVPN only, however we bundle the wonderful Viscosity software with the service (which is usually $10 just to get a license!) for free. This is available on both Windows and Mac, and standard OpenVPN clients can be used on Linux, iOS and Android.

So upon our launch we're offering 70% off all of our packages with the discount code: LAUNCH70. This means you can get a dedicated IP VPN from just $1.50/month.

Here's a full list of packages with the discount code:

So far we've had great feedback from our clients, and those who transferred from their dedicated IP packages at VPN.SH are enjoying the experience thus far.

We look forward to making a fresh start with this service, whilst continuing to make progress with VPN.SH.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a PM or an email at [email protected]

Thanks and enjoy!


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NOTE: It would be much appreciated if discussions about VPN.SH can remain in threads regarding VPN.SH. I'm more than happy to discuss what's happening with VPN.SH in the relevant topics.
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