1. Novacha

    [Open Source] Offer listings software

    Yesterday I was given an idea on IRC (I won't say who it is, in case they do want me to) of a open alternative to low end box. Something that is based on transparency and something that is actually good ;). There are a lot of review sites for VPS' around, but many of them are in a blog format...
  2. VPN.SH - Crazy Offer! - 100GB - 17 Locations

    Hey vpsBoard! At we've got what is likely to be our last offer in terms of discounts, as we're implementing more premium features shortly and won't be able to offer services at anything close to the prices we're offering today. You do not want to miss out! Get a VPN in 17...
  3. J

    [UK] OnApp/KVM - Make me an offer

    Howdy, I operate a small-scale web hosting business based on the KVM architecture and the OnApp control panel. Servers are based in Kent, UK in the Custodian data centre. All plans are based on Intel 520 SSDs in hardware RAID10, and Intel Xeon E3-1240V2 CPUs. There is more information on my...