1. eva2000

    PHP 7.2.0 Alpha 1 Out Now

    The next PHP version 7.20 Alpha1 has been released Long way to go before stable but looking good from quick benchmarks I did while adding multi PHP-FPM version support via Remi SCL PHP-FPM Yum repo in my...
  2. P

    Can I run python with php accessing the same mysql database/table at the same time?

    Hello , sorry for the confusing title ,I do not speak english as my first language.(and also sorry if the topic does not fit here) Problem background: I just want to create a website as a competitive program grader for my school. Like complie and run source code on the server. So below is my...
  3. drmike

    PHP + WHMCS programmer / scripter needed

    I am looking for a programmer / scripter already familiar with PHP and WHMCS. Project type work, one off  custom scripts.  Freelance work for someone out there, per piece. If interested, PM me your CV / resume or in lieu of such tell me about your experience.  Informal is fine, alternative...
  4. wlanboy

    Build simple web interface for redis key/value store

    This is my second post for php based projects. My first thread is about an IoT plattform for Ardunio clients. This post is about creating a simple web interface for a redis key/value store. If you want to install your own redis database you can use this tutorial:  I will use following...
  5. M

    ODD Sharer Behavior

    Hello, I am new here and I am hoping to get some answers and continue to use this forum for all my VPS issues; I have notices an odd behavior through my site over time and I think it's about time I took care of it; I have a VPS through WHM cPanel. Medium size package with 2 CPU Cores and 4GB...
  6. wlanboy

    Build your own IoT plattform - Arudino with shield as client

    This will be the start of a series of tutorials about IoT, servers, clients and how things can be connected. I want to show how a opensource based IoT plattform that is host-able on any shared-hosting account can be build. So no special services, no Azure, no Google, no Bling-Bling-Newish...
  7. HN-Matt

    Parody of Diffie-Hellman

    If you're new to PHP, here is a simple parody of Diffie-Hellman expressivity using for loops to get you started. Conversion to a bash script will not be very difficult and you'll be selling 'strong' encryption in no time! :) <span style='font-family: monospace; font-size: 13px;'> <?php //...
  8. V

    ISPConfig3 - creating accounts faster

    I've been using ISPConfig3 for a while now. It kinda got annoying everytime I had to add a new domain to VPS, where I would have to manually add an associated client, FTP account, DB, Db account, email domain, email username. I decided to script stuff up and have a simple web form where I would...
  9. HenriqueSousa - WebUp 24/7

    [Hiring] PHP Developer w/ SOAP Experience

    Hello, I'm working on a project in which I need to connect to an API using SOAP, but this is not an ordinary system, here are a few steps/pre-requirements that we already completed and might give you a little bit of insight on the issues I'm facing. At the moment we completed the whitelisting...
  10. drmike

    HIRING: Linux Support Team - English Speaker - 23:00 - 07:00 GMT

    I have another company that is hiring for their customer support team. This is an immediate availability.   This is a weekday work schedule with working hours of 23:00 - 07:00 GMT. Some weekend work will happen as the team shares the weekend workload. Pay will be once per month and...
  11. telephone

    [RELEASE] LookingGlass v1.3.0 (Maintenance/Security)

    Releasing LookingGlass v1.3.0: Project page: LookingGlass Security: It was brought to my attention last week that an RDNS XSS could exploit LookingGlass. As it turns out, illegal characters are not filtered on a lower level (as RFC1034 would suggest). LookingGlass was vulnerable as it...
  12. SentinelTower

    EU VAT number validator

    Hi all, I have written a PHP class to validate Eu VAT Numbers. It queries the VIES SOAP API and validates the format beforehand. There is a set of regular expressions to validate the number and it would be great if companies with a valid EU VAT number could check if their number is correctly...
  13. mojeda

    Looking for Testers for a MySQL-less ServerStatus

    Hey folks, I'm toying with the idea of a MySQL-less Server Status 3 and I'm looking for some testers. There are no bells and whistles in this test from my former post about Server Status 3, this is just testing my mysql-less version. Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks :)
  14. splitice

    High performance remote message processing with rsyslog

    Warning: A bit of a ramble. Over the years on multiple occasions I have had to write software that takes messages sent from one server (remote) and does something (e.g insertion into a database or executing some script etc). This tutorial/guide will cover my current implementation and include...
  15. fixidixi

    minimal php framework to create api

    Hy, Would you recommend a minimal php framework designed to create apis ? I'm looking for something like expressjs with nodejs in php. I've done googleing but tought id ask you what would you use. I'd use it for a small webapp run on a lan in a vm with the resources of a LEB :): -128/256M...
  16. Aldryic C'boas

    PSI Alternative

    Hey folks; I have a project going I'm looking to provide transparency for, and it seems that phpsysinfo is still pretty derpy.  All I'm needing is a smallish script that reports similar info to PSI (example:  I don't need monitoring/reporting of any sort, just a live...
  17. Justin-ServerPilot

    ServerPilot - new hosting control panel for hosting PHP sites on VPSes

    Hi everyone, After years of managing VPSes running Plesk or cPanel for developers who wish they had a secure, lightweight alternative, we've created ServerPilot. ServerPilot is a new control panel that is optimized for running websites on VPSes. It's free for the basic...
  18. peterw

    New PHP exploit CVE-2012-1823

    PHP 5.x Remote Code Execution Exploit available since 2013-10-29. Usage found in logs since 2013-11-04. sapi/cgi/cgi_main.c in PHP before 5.3.12 and 5.4.x before 5.4.2, when configured as a CGI script (aka php-cgi), does not properly handle query strings that lack an = (equals sign)...
  19. drmike

    PHP - optimization/limiting RAM - low RAM use

    Running another out of box clean PHP-FPM instance.    Having issue where randomly PHP bursts up, smacks VPS RAM ceiling and PHP goes nuts/non responsive. For those that tinker with PHP and do so on limited RAM servers --- what are the tweaks you recommend to keep PHP within RAM limits and well...
  20. MannDude

    Good resources for learning PHP?

    My PHP skillset is heavily lacking. What's a good modern resource for producing clean and standard code?