1. drmike

    Microsoft creates AI bot that spams Twitter with Overt Racism

    Craziest mess I've seen in many years. Microsoft released a Tweeting bot the public could interact with. Allegedly an AI project.  Quickly the bot went to insulting Mexicans, Jews and blacks. MS blames it on troublemakers finding exploits in the bot.   Me I think the creators of the bot...
  2. drmike

    What happens when your outsourced Twitter bot goes nuts or gets hacked

    So I am taking more to Twitter lately.   I dislike Twitter, and intend on trying to do something more with it just cause so much data ends up there. Was looking at the list of Tweets on my daily toilet role and Colorado (allegedly) based VPB Hosting went off the rails today.  This is the...
  3. drmike

    Incero Optimizes Routes and Gets Chatty About it on Twitter

    It appears Incero has rolled out a route optimization platform.  This is generally a good thing. They took it a bit further and interfaced the optimizations to announce to Twitter. Incero Routes ‏@InceroRoutes  3m3 minutes ago from DAL, 138ms faster via Zayo, I do this all...
  4. V

    Obtain Likes and Follows

    I've had projects that were more widely known and less of a niche market its fairly easy to get Likes, Follows, etc... I'm wondering what is the best way to get the aforementioned for something that is more niche like VPS hosting? I get the whole having customers connect on social media but if...
  5. HenriqueSousa - WebUp 24/7

    Reliable Node (Related Domains) + Twitter & Facebook Page + Logo

    Hello, I'm looking to sell assets related to Reliable Node, since I no longer have time to keep working on this project, here are the following assets. Domains: =========================================================== | Domain                      | Registration Date | Expiration Date |...
  6. telephone

    US Air Force Bombs ISIS Location Using Social Media

    Remember guys, if you're planning on being a terrorist, TURN OFF geo-tagging!
  7. drmike

    Vultr the great animal f*****

    Here's the problem with paying third world clowns to mass spam offers on Twitter and other social... You end end up with your message slapped upside some fairly seedy content.   Case in point, Vultr the DigitalOcean wannabe.   Go to ALL...
  8. drmike is so bad... 36k people unfollowed them on Twitter

    Rather funny, and poetic. had 36.4K followers on Twitter very recently (in the past week). Now today, they have 2 followers...