bargain bin dedicated servers from FitVPS


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We've decided to clear the stock on some older dedicated server configurations that we don't plan to stock / offer in the future.

I hope the VPSBoard community can benefit from this offer.

Only one server will be offered this week, one next week, etc. until we clear these older servers.

So here is the offer for this week:

- CPU: Atom N2800 (2 cores, 4 threads, 1.86GHz, CPU benchmark score 645)


- 2x30GB SSDs

- /29 IPs (5 usable), assigned (SWIPed) to you

- 3TB monthly bandwidth at 100Mbps port

- web controlled remote reboots and reinstalls / rescue mode from the client area

- Price: $150/year of $90/6 months or $50/quarter.

- Location: Varna, Bulgaria

Generally the installations are automated, but because the automatic installer (noc-ps) can be a little stupid when setting raid1 on non-centos operating systems we will provide an IP KVM for the initial installation of the server, if you need one.

Order link:

FitVPS is a brand of Telecoms Ltd., a private ISP operating in Varna, Bulgaria since 1998. Company reg. no 103282011, EU VAT number BG103282011

Datacenter: in Varna, Bulgaria

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Network: AS16154

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