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    bargain bin dedicated servers from FitVPS

    We've decided to clear the stock on some older dedicated server configurations that we don't plan to stock / offer in the future. I hope the VPSBoard community can benefit from this offer. Only one server will be offered this week, one next week, etc. until we clear these older servers. So...
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    Back To School special - 42% OFF for Raspbery Pi

    It's the time of the year when kids get back to school, hopefully to learn new things. So here is an opportunity to learn how to manage your own Raspberry Pi based micro server with an ARM CPU. You can use the coupon code BackToSchool2014 which will give you 42% OFF for life for this lovely...
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    [FitVPS / Telecoms Ltd.] a Raspberry Pi server done right ++

    To comply with the guidelines: Company info: Telecoms Ltd. registered in 1998 in Varna, Bulgaria, company reg. no 103282011, EU VAT number BG103282011 Location: Varna, Bulgaria The offer is under our FitVPS brand (active since March 2011) Now the offer - a Raspberry Pi server with all the...
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    FitVPS pre-Xmas special offer - Atom with 3TB HDD for $30/month

    Here is a pre-Xmas special offer from us. It includes one small dedicated server. This is one-of-a-kind - we only have one of these motherboards left and they are not available anymore to buy, so the offer will not reappear unless there is a cancellation. For those who don't know our servers...
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    dual core ivy bridge from $30/month, and more

      Here is some background info: Company name: Telecoms Ltd. Company Reg. No.: 103282011, registered in 1998 EU VAT Number: BG103282011 Location: Varna, Bulgaria We operate our own network - AS16154 and we are a RIPE LIR since the year 2000   Now the offers:   The offer is for a...