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Alright Let the E-Piss contest begin.

I want to know the best Desktop Interface (Gnome, unity, XFCE, LXDE, etc.) 

I am looking for a low memory foot print, yet still user friendly and eye popping. I like manndudes with all the extra system info on the background.

If I need to do some slight editing please link me some resources.

Thanks :)

P.s.  this will be installed on debian.


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XFCE I've used and it works nice but LXDE would be my pick for low memory footprint.


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It's certainly not the smallest footprint, but I really like MATE. Certainly not the biggest footprint around either.


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XFCE, though I have been using OpenBox lately and love just how customizable it is. I've got a couple minor complaints but nothing to bad.

For eyecandy, Mate and Cinnamon aren't bad on the eyes, though they're still both glitchy and not as light on the resources as I'd like. Unity, is horrible. Hate it. Gnome classic isn't half bad and is atleast stable.


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Xfce. Simple, fast and quite a low footprint.

Openbox is cool too, but quite complex if you try to configure it the first/second time.

Ubuntus/Debians support for Xfce is really good. E.g. automatically adding menu items for new installed applications.


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I like Cinnamon, because it is similar to the classic Windows desktop I am used to. 1 Gb Ram is enough for a fully functional Linux Mint15 with Cinnamon. It may eventually work with 512Mb, but I don't see the point: it is not meant to be a lightweight desktop. I never tried to install it over Debian Wheezy, but I plan to do this shortly.


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As I understand Cinnamon is CPU hungry. On my HP mini netbook (Intel N2800) I could not even run MATE smoothly. Only Linux Mint XFCE runs fine.


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xmonad is by far the geekiest.  Not flashy at all, just quiet authority ;).
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