Dallas Server Technician Position


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We are looking for someone to fill a position in our business for a onsite server technician.


To be successful for this position you will need to have the following:


- High knowledge of computer/server building

- High knowledge of Linux & Windows operating systems

- High knowledge of servers - ipmi, lantronix spider, other remote kvm tools

- Knowledge of networking - connecting cables, fibers, etc

- Certified IT Qualifications (optional)


Description of the job:


- Be able to drive to the data center and install servers within our racks (servers will already be at the data center)

- Attend server outage issues when called upon ( additional pay for this)

- Assist clients to get their servers online ASAP.

- Build / upgrade servers from parts sent


This position will be for a part time/casual basis first. With the possibility of going to full time.


You have to be located in Dallas and be able to go to Infomart Dallas in a short period of time (within an hour).


Please email all resumes to us and we will get back to you ASAP.


[email protected]


This is for immediate start.