dual core ivy bridge from $30/month, and more


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Here is some background info:

Company name: Telecoms Ltd.

Company Reg. No.: 103282011, registered in 1998

EU VAT Number: BG103282011

Location: Varna, Bulgaria

We operate our own network - AS16154 and we are a RIPE LIR since the year 2000


Now the offers:


The offer is for a dedicated server with an Ivy Bridge dual core CPU, for $30/month.

The basic config is with an Ivy Bridge G1610 CPU (dual core, 2.6GHz), 4GB RAM and 30GB SSD.

The CPU can be upgraded to either Ivy Bridge G2030 or Ivy Bridge core i3-3240. The RAM can be upgraded to 8GB or 16GB, and for the storage there are multiple options to choose from - from a single 30GB SSD to 2x3TB HDDs. The options are too many to be listed here.

All upgades are possible with either additional monthly charge, or one time fee - you can choose whichever options suits you better.

The port speed is 100Mbps, included bandwidth is 3TB/month. If you go over the bandwidth, we don't suspend the server, but drop the port speed to 10Mbps, until the next month.

The server supports hardware virtualization, so it can run OpenVZ, Xen or KVM.

This is the link to the offer, where you can see all the options


All the servers come with either 1 IP or 5 free IPs included (/29). If you choose the 5 free IPs we will assign (SWIP) a /29 subnet to you, which means your name and other details will be visible in the RIPE whois database.

Remote reboot is included with all servers. Installs are automated (noc-ps). If you need, we can lend you an IP KVM for the initial setup.


We also have some other interesting offers for dedicated servers - like a dual core Haswell from $38/month, several options for cheap Atoms and similar.

All offers can be seen here


Stock quantities are limited, so if you are interested in a specific server configuration, please PM me with your desired specifications and i will tell you whether we have it and what would be the eventual lead time if we don't have it.


Test IP is here -

Looking glass for traceroute - here -



- No spammers, hackers, etc.

- No porn of any kind (local laws)

- no game servers

- no IRC

- no other shit magnets


In short, be a good customer and we will be good to you. Or as @mitgib says - "don't be a dick"


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Had an Atom with rds, it was awesome, I wish the project I was using it for was still running because it was great. I might go for one of these :)