Favorite OS for your VPSes?


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Curious what your favorite operating system for your VPSes is and why. Assuming you're not relying on a control panel that is bound to a specific OS (Like cPanel), what OS do you usually choose and why?

I've always been a fan of Debian, though I can't really say why. I just like it.

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Been using Debian for a little over 16 years.  Won't touch Windows if I can help it.  Only other OS I'll use regularly is Gentoo.


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CentOS - Started working / learning Linux on servers with RH 6 and RH 7. By the time Red Hat went commercial I was too fimiliar with the OS.. Then CentOS came out, started using that ~ 2005.
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Debian on anything I plan on touching inappropriately. FreeBSD on anything micro/single purpose. Desktops tend toward gentoo.
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LEB always seemed like a Debian based community probably because it runs so well on a small vps.

Been running solely Debian for awhile now.


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for VPS I use Debian, even if I'm mostly working with Windows in my day job.

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LEB always seemed like a Debian based community probably because it runs so well on a small vps.
Very similar, but I use Ubuntu. All the advantages, but with more frequent releases and more up-to-date software. I've tried Debian, but I found that certain little inconsistencies kept bothering me, so I switched back. I originally started using Ubuntu on the desktop, so I was familiar with the commands when I started using VPSes.


I use a mix of Debian and Ubuntu systems on my servers primarily because I am most familiar with them because I ran Ubuntu on one of my desktops at home for a couple of years. 


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I've been using CentOS since the beginning and it's definitely my favorite. The runner up would be Ubuntu though, since I do use it on one of my desktops.


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Pure-bred Debian. Server and desktop.

Less tech-savvy family use Apple products ( :(), Ubuntu and/or Winblow$.


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My vote goes to Ubuntu, simply because when I started using Linux some 7 years ago, Ubuntu community was really helpful with tutorial and guidance. Let just say I feel like home when using it. But Debian, Ubuntu and CentOS is compulsory template when I'm shopping for VPS.
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Ubuntu LTS. I do not want to switch between different Linux distributions. One os for all latoops and vps.