[FitVPS / Telecoms Ltd.] a Raspberry Pi server done right ++


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To comply with the guidelines:

Company info: Telecoms Ltd. registered in 1998 in Varna, Bulgaria, company reg. no 103282011, EU VAT number BG103282011

Location: Varna, Bulgaria

The offer is under our FitVPS brand (active since March 2011)

Now the offer - a Raspberry Pi server with all the bells and whistles.

What it includes:

- Raspberry Pi with 512MB RAM and 700MHz ARM processor

- 32GB USB storage (actual usable about 29GB)

- 500GB monthly traffic

- remote reboots through the control panel

- automatic reinstallations through the control panel, OS available: raspbian, pidora, Arch. We recommend raspbian

- rescue mode through the control panel

- one IPv4 address

- /64 IPv6 available on request

Order link here - https:/, the price is $10 / month or $27 / quarter

If you want a hosted Raspberry Pi for the long term -, the price is $60 setup + $15/quarter, or $60 setup + $27 / 6 months, or $60 setup + $48 / year.

Payments by paypal.

Current customers with a Raspberry Pi who want to switch to the long-term option please open a ticket, we will honor 50% of your payments to date as a credit towards the setup fee.

What has changed since the last offer?

- increased the included bandwidth from 250GB / month to 500GB / month

- added automatic monitoring / watchdog for the Raspberries (if your Raspberry Pi stops returning pings it will be automatically restarted)

- added quarterly and long-term payment options

- worked on some additional small hardware modifications (hopefully improvements).


Q: test-ip?


Q: looking glass?


Q: can i colo my own Raspberry Pi?

A: no, we make some hardware modifications to the Raspberries. shipping / coloing your own is not possible.

Q: can the server be transferred to someone else if i get bored with it?

A: we have written the rules under which we allow service transfers here -


Have you considered using Bulgarian LIMEs instead of Raspberries? About same price, but slightly more CPU power and SATA connector.

Otherwise nice offer, beats nx-box in price.


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@gxbfxvar yes, we've considered these, i have some of these at the office for testing / development.

I've talked with the owner of Olimex about the possibilities to make us some custom boards with our specifications... but he wasn't very enthusiastic about the idea. I also asked him if he would sell us just the PCBs, without the elements so we could assemble them in a local factory, but he didn't want to sell just the PCBs either. And there is no factory here that can make the PCBs, they must be made in China... so for now i am not rushing with the Lime based servers. Still looking at various options.