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Someone must be using that piece of f$!$ing shit STRIPE.
Or Paypal, both are very popular and amazing. I had one issue in the past with Stripe but that was resolved by never giving clients the benefit of the doubt when they pay with credit cards that aren't their own.


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The ridiculously high 2.9% +$0.30 per transaction fees and their inadequate fraud protection systems for starters.
I don't think Stripe has any fraud protection.  It likes taking invalid stuff and rubberstamping it as fine.


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That leaves me about $125/mo for all the admin hours people ask me to spend. I apologize to those who think getting one email every few months is annoying, but I need everything to run this for free.
FYI, that's a better ROI than almost every other project in existence that runs on donations. Most of them don't even have their expenses covered.