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Howdy folks,

So as you may or may not know, I'm actually a full-time scientist-y guy. I recently presented at a conference and surprisingly (or more likely unsurprisingly) Google was there to promote their Google Earth Engine.

Now Google Earth Engine is awesome. It gives researchers access to the lower levels APIs of Google Maps/Earth plus also gives us access to some of the computational power Google has. One example had them show the historical land-use data, and then have computer simulated neural networks to teach it to look for specific characteristics in which it'd highlight in red. The application of this in geospatial data is pretty awesome and I can totally see myself using this for illustration purposes (because it's easier to convey what a number means if I can show it).

Anyways, without further more to do, here's a link:

Seriously, this is some awesome stuff.

This isn't cutting edge technology, however it's the application of old technology for new uses, which is just as exciting. I love the creative things Google does to help make our jobs easier.