How do you manage/organize/store your config files for your servers?


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I'd like to ask if you have any toughts on how server configurations should be stored, managed,archived etc. just store it in some version control system?

Thanks for your input :)

so far ive stored all the config files on my pc and synced them accross a backup vps, my laptop and a cloud storage.. (ive only got 5 servers to manage now..)

How do You manage this? :)


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Important configuration files that require change management - git

Distribution of configuration files - either via an inhouse deployment system (using ssh) or via bittorrent sync

Most configuration files are also stored on DropBox for redundancy.

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yea its a bit of an overkill but i was thinking about configuring hudson/jenkins and create jobs for various deployment purposes (learning curve :) )

 - server configs

 - app compilation

 - app deployment


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...for the most part I use Git to manage it all. Also, back it all up on several locations and also offsite backup in my house — for some 30+ VPS/servers (mostly VPSes).



I use RCS (yes, that old one) for /etc and Mercurial for configuration files in $HOME. Backups are done using tarsnap.

On a new system, I just clone the personal configuration repositories from one of the existing machines. Machine specific settings are either handled via branches or just in separate files ($HOME/.$HOSTNAME.config).


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I suggest using Ansible to manage your servers, or Chef. They're both pretty awesome and make configuration easy and automated provisioning of servers.