LET Hacked Again

D. Strout

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Yeah, it was LowEndShit for a while during the last hack too, before some jerk changed it to VPSBoard Sucks. FWIW, LEB is up right now with a new offer, but LET is still 403.


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If they actually fix the bugs when they restore the backup AGAIN, they should push the Thanks Button enable button. If it gets hacked again, the hacker should just push that button, and not do ANYTHING else.


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Just woke up a couple hours ago and have been working for an hour. How long has it been down?


I believe LET will be hacked over and over again.

I hate to post same thing more than one, every time they restored database from the previous day after hacked.


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I hope this site is more secure.

We've already been targeted by DOS attacks, the person will probably look for exploits here as well. If it's the same person.


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I would like to express my deepest concern for all involved parties and I hope that they are able to resolve this as quickly as possible.

Also, bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


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Fool me once, shame on you

Fool me twice, shame on me

Fool me three times, shame on everyone!

Fool me four times, shame on everything!

Fool me five times... you're an idiot.