Looking for a USA 8GB+ 8 Core+


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Hey, I need a Windows VPS with these stats:

8GB or more RAM(More Best)

8 Cores or more

150 HDD+(If SDD, how much space?)

Somewhere in the U.S(Preferably Central)

1TB of Bandwidth

1 GBPS Port Speed

3+ Dedicated IPS

And a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

I currently have those stats with another host for 50 bucks a month, but its in Europe. I need a US. If you cant beat this, please don't respond. It will save me time looking through everyone's offers :p
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In all honesty I'd suggest you go to Datashack and get a dedicated server there and bring your own Windows ISO and license.  Maybe the Dual 5420? 8GB RAM, 500GB HDD, 5 IPs, 1Gbit (shared) connection, Kansas City, Missouri, etc.

I personally think what you're asking is a pretty difficult thing to get (especially at that price)
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Your best bet for this is a dedicated server. These stats on a VPS (mainly the RAM and CPU) are a little high. BlueVM could do it with a KVM (bring your own license though) or we have a wide range of Dedicated servers in Buffalo. Last I checked you can rent a Windows license for $15 per month for the dedicated servers.


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Where did you get this server for 35€ a month?

I could do it in Miami with Xen HVM on 8 x disk raid 10 instead of SSD but I am not prepared to give an unlimited 30 days money back guarantee I have been burned to many times with that, I would give you 14 days based on technical issues, and 48 hours based on, hmm not quite what I wanted. 

Drop me a PM if you want to discus it.



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At $50 a month and the 8 cores, really best to get hold of a dedicated.   @qps has some L5420's that will suffice near this price point.  There are others too out there.


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^--- another day, another opportunity to make an offer.  OP said if you can't do it, don't offer.


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Actually, you can.

Ekompass (I believe that's what its called).
It's abandonware though.

cPanel brought it to market, tried to nickel/dime everyone and they lost big time.

In the end they simply released it opensource and don't put any time into it.



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If you will run windows, look at websitepanel.

Perhaps the most similar to cPanel.