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My advice would be:

Buy another domain name and setup an identical system on testing VPS.

After some time (about a year) and you feel confident in your abilities to deal with the different scenarios that you will face then go the un-managed route.

Learn to use the shell (command line), don't go the route of cpanel or any other GUI.


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Thanks for the replies

I decided to stick with my current service (managed) and will be purchasing a cheap second unmanaged VPS from which I can learn from.


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Control Panels, like Webmin, could get you started on a friendly graphical interface to operate the most basic tasks like updating and managing your firewall, etc. It will, by no means, replace CLI but it is really helpful for beginners.


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One more bit of advice:

Learn some basic bash shell scripting and use your script to setup your server.

This way you don't forget to install or properly configure software, it maintains consistency and if you need to bring up a server quickly just run your script.
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Thanks for the replies

I decided to stick with my current service (managed) and will be purchasing a cheap second unmanaged VPS from which I can learn from.
I think that's a good idea.  You can always ask questions to support when you run into snags on the unmanaged server to help assist you so you can get the expert advice on how to's as well. 

I think one of the many benefits of a true managed service provider is the sleep-easy at night aspect.  A quality provider will know about your issues before you find out and hopefully have them resolved before you wake up.  
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I would personally recommend you learn the way I did, through immersion.  It's the best way to learn languages (spoken, as well as scripting/programming in my case), as well as practical knowledge (server administration.)  Where you can really go wrong is "Security" related things, but a helping/guiding hand can correct you if need be on things such as this.

A few recommendations:

- Go unmanaged

- Ask if you are unsure

- Research commands

- Read the man pages

- Participate in communities *

* Not just in this one, but say you choose CentOS Linux as your base distribution, a good decision would be to frequent the IRC channel "#centos" on FreeNode to get a better understanding, and to ask questions when you need them.  A good all-around distribution-unbiased channel is "##linux" on the same network.

I can also help you (hit me up on Skype) if you've ever got any questions about it, I don't mind (free of course.)


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In the Managed VPS hosting the web, the coordinator covers all information for each of the customers. These may consist of set up services, tracking, regular updates, settings support, etc. In Managed Vps there is an assurance of little to no recovery time. Also most of the web coordinator companies will make sure that they provide specialized support all time. These companies determine that the website is up all the time. Another wonderful thing about handled the VPS web coordinator is that there is the versatility to increase the storage space potential of the web site.


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Managed VPS hosting is provides you all type functionality that you required, it is hands up approach. In VPS Hosting you will get predefined account setting and respected functions. Here you will see all type of software on your account panel you have to only make set up and install it, you can also set configuration services over your account.

In unmanaged VPS hosting, you are responsible for everything. Here the only thing that host is connected to the server and VPS is running on the network. It is best for those organization and department who have an expert of IT and technical knowledge. Because it required technical knowledge at the time of the set of your account and function.


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Hello all,

New to the forums so hope I posted it in the correct part.

I'm with my current host and I've had a managed VPS with them for about 2 years, I am happy with the service but there is a massive price difference between the managed VPS and unmanaged VPS.

So my question is as my VPS is setup how I want it to be, do I really need it managed?

I know some basic knowledge about VPS but its mainly about keeping it updated/security.

What is included in a managed VPS? is it as simple as updating software regular?

Well the price difference is right and everyone has their own specialty price.

I think it is better to do more research on server management