control panel

  1. LimestoneNetworks

    Poll: Importance of Control Panels

    Good morning from Dallas vpsBoard community. I invite you to take part in my poll concerning control panels. Have a great weekend!
  2. host4go

    VirtKick, the Open Source Panel goes Commercial!

    Hi everyone, There is alreayd a topic about VirtKick from when it was still an OpenSource, eveyone was excited and eager to see it launched. Unfortunately they are now backed up by investor and decided to go Commercial. So their business model is now this: Virtkick will be SaaS They will...
  3. LimestoneNetworks

    Limestone Networks launches new version of their control panel UI - OnePortal

    Limestone Networks, a leading provider of on-demand, dedicated and cloud hosting services has launched a robust new version of their control panel UI – OnePortal. Dallas, Texas / March 26, 2015 Efficiency has reached new heights with OnePortal, Limestone’s revised client management portal and...
  4. MannDude

    A visual comparison of provider's and their custom control panels. Lots of screenshots!

    This thread will be a work in progress. First let me say: WARNING! Lots of images below! I wanted to show off some of the custom panels that a few providers that frequent vpsBoard have created. I'm a customer of each provider and have taken the time to go through and take a lot of screenshots...
  5. P

    Has anyone used ISPmanager?

    Has anyone used ISPmanager before?  Is it good enough to be used to be used as a Control Panel instead of Cpanel on Shared Hosting plans. Pricing looks good. Thanks in advance.
  6. mojeda

    RamNode - DDoS Filtering, New Pricing/Plans, Control Panel and RIP Coupons

    Got this email in my box just a few moments ago:
  7. F

    which control panel

    I am new to VPS i only ever used windows dedicated before.i am looking for ideas for a free control panel and maybe some links to tutorials and demo's to take a look see if i can use it! I have looked at some already but like cpanel and other paid but for the amount of space i have its not worth...
  8. Jade

    NodeServ Presents NodeControl - In-House panel -PREVIEW-

    NodeServ is happy to share with you a preview of their new in-house control panel, which will be launching here within the next week. This panel has been kept top secret until now, where photos can be found below which show the different utilities the panel has. We also have a new logo as you...
  9. drmike

    ChicagoVPS hacked SolusVM, Bypassed Licensing, and is Running Illegal Cracked Copies of Solus

    Information has been swirling about ChicagoVPS, and SolusVM for the past two months roughly. As some will recall, ChicagoVPS blamed Solus in the past for their hacks, and subsequent database dumps of CVPS' Solus information to the public. See: ; and...
  10. qrwteyrutiyoup

    Mini VPS Control Panel in bash

    Hey guys. I had a few hours to waste today and I wrote a simple control panel using the SolusVM client API. It's not very useful, but it was fun to write, anyway, even if it was in bash. Here's the code in case anyone is interested in trying it out...
  11. HostGuard

    Kodo Technologies announces HostGuard VPS Control Panel

    Cheyenne, WY, January 1, 2014 – For years, Internet hosting companies offering Virtual Private Servers, or VPSes, have been calling for a new control panel amid security vulnerabilities, buggy behavior, and lack of responsiveness from the developers of the industry standard control panel...
  12. N

    SolusVM vs Feathur

    Hi, I'm currently planning to deploy a OpenVZ node and I would like to see opinions about SolusVM and Feathur (a new VPS control panel/ Does anyone have experiences with them, which one is better? Thanks
  13. P

    [Minecraft] How to install & fully secure Multicraft control panel.

    Tutorial on how to install multicraft control panel (CentOS 6-64 bit) SSH into root and begin:   yum install nano   And disable SELinux: Code: setenforce 0   Installing MySQL 5:   To install MySQL, we do this:   Code: yum install mysql mysql-server   Then we create the system...
  14. Justin-ServerPilot

    ServerPilot - new hosting control panel for hosting PHP sites on VPSes

    Hi everyone, After years of managing VPSes running Plesk or cPanel for developers who wish they had a secure, lightweight alternative, we've created ServerPilot. ServerPilot is a new control panel that is optimized for running websites on VPSes. It's free for the basic...
  15. Chronic

    Suggest a free web hosting control panel

    I'm looking for a decent web hosting control panel, does anyone know one? I'm hosting a few websites for some of my friends so paid panels are out of the question. It'd be amazing if it had a file manager with unzip capabilities, but it's not a must. So far I've been using i-MSCP, but it seems...