miniVPS has been sold.


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Probably. It's more polite than 'fuck all'

Hi Martin, yust found this thread.. you may not know me personally but I have been using Minivps or what used to be minivps for the last year or so now. 

First I just gotta say, it's abit sad that you've sold the company, but I do appreciate the fact that family does come first.

I must say the customer support over at Astutium is pretty horrible compared to what I was looking for and what your team at minivps offered. Prices been increased, servers going down with no warning or no explanation after they're back up, lack of social media presence, just pretty horrible customer service from what i'm used to. 

Just wanted to post this here as I found this thread when searching for their website before I plan to cancel my subscription and move away.


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Hi Michaeli. 

I'm both happy and sad to read this. Over the past few months I've had quite a lot of messages and emails from my (ex) customers saying similar to yourself. It's nice to hear that while I was at the helm, people were happy with the overall service provided. It's sad to see people are now jumping ship because things are going downhill. Not that I blame them at all; some of the stories I've heard really have shocked me. 

Ultimately, I know it's not my fault that these things are happening but it does make me feel somewhat guilty. Having built the business from scratch and now seeing it rot from the inside is a bit soul destroying. I guess all I can say is sorry things haven't worked out as I'd hoped and you've been put in such a position. 

Not really sure what else to say :/ 


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You want him to tell you how much he sold MiniVPS for? I am sure he will tell you that...


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A few of you that I speak to regularly already know about this but as of this afternoon/evening, it will become official. I had been considering such a move for a while now and felt the time had come to draw a line under this particular project. I can now spend a bit more time with family instead of being glued to a computer screen 24/7.

A big thanks to those of you that made it such a success while I was at the helm. I'm quite sure it will grow even stronger in the years to come.

I've pasted a part-copy of the announcement email below so this community is the first to find out in an official capacity. The email itself will be sent out to all customers later today.

It's been a blast!



Today we have an exciting announcement and good news to bring you.

Effective immediately the MiniVPS and MiniWebHost brands have become part of the growing family of services operated by Astutium Ltd, a leading UK hosting provider based in London, UK.

After many requests for additional virtualisation services and features, as well as alternative domain extensions and new hosting packages, the MiniVPS and MiniWebHost brands have now joined Astutium in order to expand the range of services offered and to provide our customers with enhancements to their hosting experience.

As part of Astutium the MiniVPS and MiniWebHost customers can now access an extended range of services including :

* Broadband network access
* Over 1200 ccTLD and gTLD domain registration types
* High-availability email and web hosting
* Dedicated Minecraft hosting
* OVZ virtual private servers
* KVM and Xen virtual dedicated servers
* Private cloud services
* Managed (and Unmanaged) fully dedicated servers
* London colocation
* IP Transit
* Control Panel licences
and much more

If you cant find the answer you are looking for, please don't hesitate to reach out and contact us for any reason by raising a ticket, dropping us an email or giving us a call.

We want to thank you for your business and we look forward to providing you with reliable service for many years to come.


Martin Diver
MiniVPS and MiniWebHost
Astutium Ltd
Number One Poultry


Phone (UK): +44 20 3465 2555
Phone (US): +1 607 264 2555
Fax: (UK): +44 20 3475 2666

Congratulations Brother. Making effort to make MiniVPS and MiniWebHost larger brands than before.