Post Your Rides!!


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Now that vpsBoard is back from the dead, what's a forum without a post your rides thread? :)

So without further ado - let's start fresh, and post pictures of your current rides here!

I'll kick this off...

2016 Dodge Challenger 392 HEMI R/T Scat Pack







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Only difference now is I have a 4' Firestick on the back for a CB. Got a magmount 2M/70cm antenna on top for ham radio but I may replace it later with something a bit better.

Not too bad for a 99. I like it.


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My ride is a little different :D Had to make a video as sound needed!

One of the best parts of this van is when driving locally on highway and in town people see it and think "Oh gawd it's slow don't want to get stuck behind this" then try to pull some bonehead move to get by. Their faces when I lean on the gas a bit and shut them down is priceless.

4x4 kit and lift planned for this winter with a 4 inch lift and winch!


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2017 Chevy Equinox LT in Nightfall Gray Metallic. I'll post pics when it's light out and maybe after I run it through a car wash since some bird crap hit me the other day.


Hoboy... well, I probably win on numbers. All of them could use a bath, and some are just being fostered after an abusive relationship until they go to their forever home.

First, my former cop cars. Picked up for a pittance. Basically abused, but mechanically sound- only needing minor work (and rear seats). As far as the 2006 3.9L V6 Impalas- one's 95% done, the other still needs rear seats- and I need to track down what keeps draining the battery. Something's keeping the system awake- or (more likely), it's some of their wonderful aftermarket wiring somewhere. I'll probably just stick an ohmmeter over each fuse and eyeball it until I (hopefully) find the drain without doing a further teardown. Why do I keep ending up with GMs, even though I know better?!

The '09 5.7L Charger is running, but is throwing a random misfire code while exhibiting no issues- but that might have to do with the fact I have rebuilt one of the coilpacks using liquid electrical tape to fill in the obvious cracks in the boot shield.

jPyirpKm.jpg THl11ZAm.jpg

My kids. Abandoned by their parent company almost a decade ago- love 'em like they're my own. They're worth nothing, so I might as well just keep 'em. The one on the bottom right had less than 100 sent to the US. Damn I love driving that thing.

2K 9-5 2.3T Aero, 2K1 9-3 2.0T SE
2K8 9-5 2.3T, 2K8 9-3 (Turbo-X) 2.8L

WksesQLm.jpg PH0ox9Dm.jpg

wX5EXJPm.jpg tZoGrxEm.jpg


@ChuckC N/A? What've you got in that behemoth!?
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It's just a 5.7, but the price was right. The whole lot was less than @QuadraNet_Adam down payment. ;) The Impalas are surprisingly quick after the initial burst of anemia, but there's no way I'll drive an Impala.

My heart is holding out for a '69 HO 455. Or, you know, maybe just get a nicer house, instead. ;)


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I would post mine but some freaken Millennial had to go and hit me in the front end. Nice of him to do btw, and made my night. :mad:


@Oliver you could fit many more in a Ute!

@ChuckC Head Gasket. Assuming you have the original block, you probably won't have an issue with that, though? I know there was an issue on recent builds where you'd end up needing a thicker gasket with a 408 bore- but I'm not a car polyglot- just computer. ;)


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Ah, gotcha. Nah no problems. The block was out of a 93 i think (van is an 86) and was 0 decked with a set of aluminum heads added after. Have the occasional issue with the header gaskets but so far no problems with the head gaskets. Mind you i haven't run it that hard yet and got it hot hehe. That will happen this summer.