1. Q

    Hyper-V Ubuntu network issues

    Hi ! I have a problem on my Windows server 2019 with Hyper-V. The server using network "ethernet 2" and is connected on internet. I have created a new virtual Switch (ExternalNework2) with External mod, based on the same network as "ethernet 2" like this: I bind this network to my VM...
  2. P

    Can I run python with php accessing the same mysql database/table at the same time?

    Hello , sorry for the confusing title ,I do not speak english as my first language.(and also sorry if the topic does not fit here) Problem background: I just want to create a website as a competitive program grader for my school. Like complie and run source code on the server. So below is my...
  3. DomainBop

    The 1 Million Euro Custom Ubuntu Kernel

    OVH offers users  the choice of using its modified custom Linux kernels or the regular distro's kernel.  Ubuntu's license contains a clause that requires anyone who distributes a modified version of Ubuntu to get approval from Ubuntu and pay a license fee to use the Ubuntu mark. Canonical/Ubuntu...
  4. F

    Now available on Windows: Linux

    Ubuntu on Windows 10 -- The Ubuntu Userspace for Windows Developers
  5. drmike

    Run Android Apps under Ubuntu with KDE - Shashlik

    I am excited by the potential of this project.  It's early yet, so cutting edge and not polished if your OS and desktop isn't what they are building for. Shashlik allows you to run Android apps on Ubuntu, so long as you are running KDE.   Others, good luck, try it and maybe we can help kick...
  6. drmike

    Alternative Phone OS Users?

    Anyone out there using any of the alternative phone OSes yet?  Firefox OS, Ubuntu's Phone OS, etc. Been waiting to see a push and phones have launched and seeing little coverage here/
  7. HalfEatenPie

    Hyper-V Server, Guest OS Ubuntu, Network Problems

    Howdy folks, I've recently been having problems with my Ubuntu VPS on my Windows server.  I have access to both the Host node and the guest node (since this is a multi-use server and I wanted to use both Windows and Linux services), and I guess I thought I set it up properly but it seems...
  8. bigcat

    [Dedi or VPS] 500GB Storage & 8TB Bandwidth (US)

    I'm currently paying Softlayer for 1 server in San Jose and another 1 in Singapore with below specs. I was hoping to at least be able to find better priced alternative in US. Usage: Legit software distribution and downloadable content Softlayer (current) HDD: 500GB Bandwidth: 20TB CPU...
  9. DomainBop

    LXD Containers: Cram 14.5X More Guests On A Server

    full study: LXD info:
  10. A

    Looking for a VPS for a self hosted website monitoring service.

    Hi, I would like to know if a VPS (regardless of its virtualization) is available for only between $0.99-$2.00? I am just going to use it to monitor my other sites. Probably, I will install Nagios or these tools Thanks.
  11. X

    WordPress error "104: Connection reset by peer"

    I am really new to hosting my websites with a VPS and relatively new to Ubuntu. Always used shared hosting plans until now. I am trying to install WordPress on my VPS running Ubuntu with LEMP and I am successful for the most part. However I get this error message.    2014/12/19 14:29:14 [error]...
  12. drmike

    USB Temperature Sensor / Probe with Linux Compatibility

    Anyone out here doing any work with USB attached temperature sensors / probes? Looking for gear recommendation for USB temperature sensor / module / etc.   Prefer something finished, in a case aside from maybe a probe arm. Linux compatibility is the key here.  Anyone using such a device or...
  13. howardsl2

    Securing Your Server using IPset and Dynamic Blocklists

    As a dedicated server or Virtual Private Server (VPS) owner, one of the important tasks is to defend against online attacks. In this tutorial I will discuss how to use IPset with dynamic blocklists to better secure your server. IP sets are a framework inside the Linux kernel, administered by the...
  14. howardsl2

    Using SSHFS to Share Folders Among Your VPS

    Hello guys, here is my tutorial for setting up "SSHFS" to create shared folder(s) among your VPS. We will be using "autossh" which has the nice "automatic reconnect" capability whenever the link goes down. Also implemented are settings such as "chroot" and "key use restrictions" which will...
  15. howardsl2

    Fully Automated IPsec/L2TP VPN Setup with Libreswan

    Hello guys, I have created a fully automated ("one-click") IPsec/L2TP VPN install script for Ubuntu 12.04. My script was inspired by and is based on the work of Thomas Sarlandie (original post), that I took time to improve by replacing Openswan with Libreswan, which is more actively developed...
  16. fahad

    Piwik "Load Data Infile"

    I have been using piwik for some time and i got that super useful. Except one error i get in System Check. I am just curious what does it says..... What is that Thing and how to solve this ? Note:That Database user is not root,created by ispconfig.
  17. fahad

    KVM is in Read Only State after restart (fstab fault)

    I did put some codes in fstab which normally OK but actually i kept double "," in the error . Didn't checked there then , and i restarted the system , now read-only ... :( Any way to edit fstab and save ??  :(
  18. fahad

    Ubuntu 13.04 to 13.10 Upgrade in VPS

    Hello Guys. I need some info about upgrading distros/OS by ssh in VPS. Is it safe to "do-release-upgrade" . I was running my vps by Ubuntu-13.04. Is it safe or there is another way ??
  19. Ruchirablog

    Ubuntu 13.10 is out

    So its out :) Some interesting things from the Ubuntu 13.10 server announcement “Ubuntu 13.10 delivers the latest and best version of OpenStack, and is the fastest, most flexible platform for scale-out computing,” says Mark Shuttleworth, Founder of Ubuntu and VP Products for...
  20. fahad

    Ubuntu 13.04_32bit Console_Kit_damon

    I have installed new OS , Ubuntu 13.04 , 32bit . Installed htop only , but it is showing this things which i never seen in 12.04 as i was with 12.04 before ... what to do ?