The truth about Mao and BuyVM

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BuyVM is sinking without my help. When they started this trying to prove their network is stellar and there is only the moral motivation they call people names for, they were at their height, the zenith, 90% of LET firmly believed they have a legendary quality, every second thread was hijacked for praising BuyVM, were out of stock permanently.

Then Aldryic decided to go in a shit throwing campaign... The rest is history. They are now out of 2 more datacenters (not that they had none before EGI, every DC was rotten), Joel screwed them up big time (but, again who is to blame, who handed him the keys to give an air of legitimity to their shilling ?).

They are now attacking their competition trying blackmail with hacking threats. While everyone considers that is a legitimate course of action in revenge to my proofs that their network sucks, it is not so and many people will realise that after he will put it in practice. I am sure Prometeus will not press charges for the blackmail, but after he will do the actual damage, we will have another chapter in this saga.

Everyone should note I offered an elegant exit, they will appologise to the third party and do a service to the community by disclosing the exploit. They want to go on and use it, fine, even if we will suffer, that guy must be stopped somehow so he can no longer threaten anyone. He doesnt have anything to gain from it, the people hurt by the exploit wont run to BuyVM, nor will Salvatore fire me, he will do it just to prove he can be an ass which we already know by now.
Geez Mao, just geez!

"BuyVM is sinking" --- I don't think they are.   They are doing better than probably ever.  Ignore their stock control and the jokes around that.  Fact is NJ has been strong for them - great facility at Choopa/Reliable.  Plus note their big investment in SSDs, storage nodes, etc.

"90% of LET firmly believed they have a legendary quality" --- ehh maybe in years past.  Buy got slapped for being so long in Cali with subpar throttled to death network.  I know because I was there and smacked by it and not thrilled.  LET is more rounded with other providers who have stepped up their quality a bit compared to years past.   Time and practice for some, others are new to the industry/new companies offering.

"They are now attacking their competition trying blackmail with hacking threats."   - not quite.

I read the messages before they were made public.   Fran threw a sharp funny poke your way with room for it to be read as a threat or a kick in the scrotum to Solus.   I'll 100000% put my faith behind Fran and Buy to not engage in such.  Likewise, I'd put just as much in Prometeus to not do the same or turn this into some oddness around that jab.

Fact is, Prometeus wasn't hacked and Fran didn't mean such to be inflated like this.   

"not press charges for the blackmail"  --- no ONE NO ONE NO ONE is blackmailing anyone.   Bad idea and get it out of your brain now before it grows in size.  

"Aldryic decided to go in a shit throwing campaign"  -  Fuck Ald.  That guy isn't someone I want to be debating with on wishy washy stuff. Odds are he spent some time not on the debate team but in some gov ops program being taught to make normal folks feel less than worthy.  I  like and respect Ald, but he can pour some words out that leave you feeling beat up at times.  

"do a service to the community by disclosing the exploit."  --- if there is some exploit and there are bound to be 100 more for Solus, Fran isn't the person to ask until after the damage happened and people start talking/asking about the exploit.  Fran is a friend to many providers in this industry.  That's where and why he shows up often early to the fire scenes.  Calling him the arsonist, well, look, he isn't it.   

[quoute], was LET really such a shit-hole in the past that someone who is simply annoying would be banned?


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....Order a service off your WHMCS? It's 3 minutes of work to place an order w/ paypal.

ETL? I'm not sure if that's supposed to be LET or if you mean "ESL" (English Second Language).
Hum, you probably didnt read but I already disproved that theory. I will do it again:

1. We do not have (unless Salvatore changed something from last time I checked) autoprovisoned products because we had a serial spammer and we needed to scrutinise the order. So, no, you cannot provision even indirectly, the provisioning is done by us.

2. How would that make Sal reconsider my employment ? As I said, he should give me a bonus for finally nailing down that customer I was after for 18 months.

English as the Third Language :) Second was French if we do not consider Armenian which I never knew well enough to count.


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Sorry if this has been handled already, but is someone accusing the BuyVM guys of running


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It was hinted at by Mao; however totally baseless
I'm not a C guy. I've done a little bit but it usually ends in a big, fat, segfault and I end up bugging people in #frantech for help. I used to do a lot more testing/dev when I worked with one of the OVZ guys directly, but even then it was nothing too insane (usually ksplices, etc).

I take the thought that I'm skilled enough to spot such an attack vector but the localhost guy's at a whole other level.

Anyway, as for Mao's original comment:

Why does the 2 things you're freaking out about have to be instant action? What I mean by this is....If I wanted to stir the pot about IPV6 (or whatever random crap I can think of) why does it have to provision now? Why couldn't I stir the pot over a period of 2 years like you do? What's an afternoon waiting on verification/etc if the total goal is to make your/Sal's life hell for 2 years?

Same goes with the employment comment. Take Sal and put him into my shoes. Imagine if he had someone like you slagging at him for 2 years for crap that was admitted to, rectified, and later proven to not be our fault, yet still digging at it every chance possible? Trust me, the idea of 'God dammit, I didnt hire you for this' would cross his mind.

You go on about 'hurting prometeus', etc, but you seem to ignore the fact that you try to throw us under the bus every chance you get, even in the most inappropriate of times.

I'm going back to node installs so excuse the late replies.



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I never banned anyone. Never at WHT, LET, or here have I had (or will I have) the power to do so.
Thanks for the clarification.

Mao, you need to realize that your theories don't add up all the way. Yes, BuyVM has changed drastically over the past few years and for the better in my mind. I really hope you let things go and I'm sure Fran will do the same. They're human too, afterall.


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I never "hinted" he is the guy, just have shown what is a really wild goose theory, not one that Francisco COULD know about a solus exploit, that is really possible and probable.

And, nope, I wasnt attacking BuyVM for 2 years, first of all, I only started to reply Aldryic's s**t about Tor operators in february it took some time before it occured to me there should be some different motivation for the attack than just hate for anonymity and free speech. I probably started sometimes mid-march, after I already had a lot of clues. After my ban there was a pause of some 1 months+, maybe2 I dont remember, until I was unbanned. I never evaded ban, never had another alias.

Then it was random, now and then. Note I never attacked them for the disastruos move, for the failure to get redundant PSUs I kept saying they will come back. In many other places where they were attaced I didnt join the chorus, but, yeah, I kept going about the ban and the reasons for it. I do not admit such behaviour from anyone and intended to prove that tactic cannot be used to silence me and will be going on about the ban reasons forever.

It is now the first time I get a somewhat convincing story about who (didnt) ban me and I am making a peace offer. This does not mean I will agree with Fracisco's attack it was uncalled for and against a third party. His theory about provisioning himself a VM by buying with paypal has been already demolished, his responses to salvatore show he had something completely different in mind. Just go back and check, is that the reaction of someone who is legit ? He kept the pressure on to him to fire me, even recently he said he had the right to do it because Salvatore was far from kicking me therefore he was supporting me in the attacks against BuyVM.

No, people, that story is not convincing from all points of view. If Francisco is not disclosing the exploit, I will consider he is still threatenng his competition (we are not his competition, we operate in a different market, the VPSes in US were just a test for the DC if they are fit for iwstack and mostly failed while BuyVM does not have a similar product) and that is not acceptable.
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There is no exploit, though. I've already said that and you can read things however you want. Past the 2 old ones that were patched.

At the end of the day i'm going to just stop replying to this thread because you're just bouncing back & forth off the same thing over and over and over and over.

We moved from EGI last year and we argued with EGI for at least 8 months before we left. Maybe it isn't 2 years but it's at least 1 1/2 years.

That's still a long time.

I think i'm going to just make up some BS disclosure for you, maybe that'd make you feel better.



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I agree it is a long time, but you must also admit I never took advantage of other problems you had to attack you. If I were bent on BuyVM attacking do you think I would have missed countless other opportunities ? If you go back you will see I always said buyvm is a solid operation unlike most on LEB/LET and you will get better. So, yeah I was going on about the ban reasons and the Tor ban reasons, and the Aldryic attacks, but if I were to attack BuyVM per se, you can be sure I would have exploited ALL the opportunities, never say you are good, etc. Just check the replies from the moving fiasco time, from the power failure times does that look like the words of someone who wants to attack BuyVM into the ground ??? No, my beef was with aldryic and my banning, it should be obvious for everyone who is not biased.

That is why I do not understand your attack on Salvatore I really dont, if there is no exploit, then you owe him an apology.


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 I only started to reply Aldryic's s**t about Tor operators in february it took some time before it occured to me there should be some different motivation for the attack than just hate for anonymity and free speech.
Two things:

1) Aldryic was/is right, only deluded idealists think Tor is used as a legitimate free speech tool

2) Don't paint him as someone who has 'hate for anonymity and free speech' when you wrongly conflate anonymity with free speech (and Tor usage with both) when anonymity is nearly always detrimental to the concept of free speech and dissidence.
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