Tools for publishing to Twitter on a schedule?


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Curious if any tool like this exists. There is a vpsBoard Twitter account (@vpsBoard) that I manage that I link to noteworthy discussions, but lately have been lacking. Was wondering if there was a tool available that I could use to publish to Twitter, but also have the option of doing so in scheduled intervals?

Namely, I don't want to do a once a day thing where I post multiple threads at once. I'd like to be able to just submit them to a queue and have them published throughout the day.

It'd also come in handy for DailyServerDeals as I see the next offer in the queue and thus will know the URL of said offer. I could set it up so everyday at noon it posts the link to Twitter for DailyServerDeals (@DailyServer) and I don't have to be around at noon to actually do it.

Any ideas?
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Hootsuite should do this. You should probably hook the twitter API into dailyserverdeals and have it publish at the same time.


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Did anyone tried some of the suggested tools? Does any tool allow to filter content? Don't want to get everything posted on twitter.


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@peterw, I've been using since '09, with great success.. But, I post everything in my RSS feed to Twitter..
But, I guess you can set up a filter in something like Yahoo Pipes, and then use that new RSS feed with Twitterfeed..


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I think "Buffer" ( is made for such purpose. Most input are to be done on its browser extension, though.

If I recall it correctly it has pretty decent Tweet scheduling feature.