1. F

    High Unavailability in DigitalOcean

    DigitalOcean's DNS disruption post-mortem
  2. ModulesGarden

    ModulesGarden IP Manager For WHMCS 2.0

    Hello everyone! We have just released IP Manager For WHMCS 2.0 with WHMCS V6 and six template template support! Additionally, the module comes with the implementation of IP blocks which will indubitably prove useful for every admin handling the management of IPv6 addresses. By means of the new...
  3. HalfEatenPie

    History of

    So we all know the historic DNS server.  Currently announced by Level3, these DNS servers are sometimes routed to the local DNS Server run by your respective ISP (if they so choose to).   Well I came across this article a long time ago, but I'll just drop it down here...
  4. B

    ResellerClub/OrderBox DNS down for around 6 hours

    Have been using ResellerClub mostly for the domains and their DNS has been down for around 6 hours now. 16 IP's and none of them responds. Their update: http://forums.myorderbox.com/index.php?/topic/5572-attack-on-dns/ Does anyone else here rely on OrderBox DNS only. Most of my customers do...
  5. M

    SOA DNS error help

    I have an OpenVZ unmanaged VPS. Installed the control panel, LAMP stack, have the DNS and domains on the new nameservers(showing up if you go to the domains) But when i run a pingdom check i have an SOA error. Was reading that it is probably a reverse DNS issue... This is the responses I ended...
  6. texteditor

    Rage4 "Prey-as-you-go" extortioncast DNS business model

    First, as a preface, let me state that due to being an IWstack customer I have an unlimited Rage4 partner account so this does not affect me at this time. As many of you know, gbshouse's anycast DNS service Rage4, very popular among and spawned out of the "cheap VPS" community, has always...
  7. J

    Need Help with DNS

    So, recently my site grew far past what I planned and I'm being requested to add more and more to the site. Shared hosting didn't provide the room or bandwidth i needed so I switch to a VPS to accommodate. The only issue I'm having is that I cannot get a DNS going to get this working. As far as...
  8. wlanboy

    Namecheap dns servers offline?

    Currently all of my namecheap hosted domains are offline. I am not able to resolve anything. Support is quite busy: Anyone knowing what's going on?
  9. N

    DNS/VPN/VPS Related Domain Auction

    Auction ends 2014/02/11 @ 01:00 GMT. Whole dollar bids only please! Transfer or Push from Network Solutions. Buyer pays all Fees. This is NOT a bundle.
  10. splitice

    DNS Resolv Checker

    If you use your hosting company or datacenter provided DNS servers you have probably experienced your fair share of blips and outages of these services. Although some companies are quite good, some can be quite bad. Lots of programs seem to behave strangely when DNS servers listed in...
  11. wlanboy

    Running your own failover DNS setup

    It is easy to run your website on different servers. It is easy to run databases accross different servers. Because virtual servers got quite cheap. But it is not that easy to ensure that your visitors are visiting a server that is still running. You can setup more than one A record but a...
  12. peterw

    Request: Failover DNS account

    I want a cheap account to use dns servers that support fail-over. Need it for 3 domains. Don't know which provider I should trust.
  13. TruvisT

    HP MicroServers

    Anyone else have or used them? We have been grabbing them when we find great deals on them and using them for local businesses. They are great little system. You can pack up to 16GB in them and throw in a RAID 10 or 2xRAID 0,1 with an optional SSD drive in place of the optical drive. You can do...
  14. wlanboy

    How to check dns propagation

    I currently found two (good) websites that do check the propagation on DNS entries: whatsmydns.net viewdns.info Any other tools/sites available?
  15. D

    Test for open DNS resolvers on your OpenVZ nodes

    Another way to reduce the amount of network abuse on your OpenVZ VPS nodes (in addition to Nodewatch) is to scan them for recursive DNS resolvers which are often the target for DNS Amplification DoS attacks. This script scans all OpenVZ containers on a node for open DNS resolvers:  ...
  16. drmike

    Free Public DNS resolver list (public DNS servers)

    Now that Level 3 supposedly is capturing and redirecting folks to their search monetization page on failed lookups, thought it was a good time to introduce other DNS resolver / DNS server options. Opennic - http://www.opennicproject.org/ Different locations all over.  Ran by members.  Many...
  17. CraigA

    USAccess DNS Unblocking - Surf/Watch Blocked Content - $25/year vpsboard special

    Hello fellow members,   While this is my first advertisement post on vpsboard, I've been around the community for over 10 years.  I wanted introduce my new service to this community. USAccess is a new DNS Unblocking service based near Toronto, Canada.  Our DNS settings have been tested on all...
  18. drmike

    Ideas -- How to "route" DNS traffic through multiple daemons

    Part of the ongoing "hardening" of my own environment involves cleaning up DNS.  DNS is often leaky these days and many providers are intercepting DNS requests and doing all sorts of unwanted things with the data. In an effort to starve them, provide a bit more security and generally have a...
  19. V

    Quick and Dirty DNS Setup for SolusVM

    Quick tutorial to get a domain setup in SolusVM's DNS page from the client area.
  20. rsk

    [KVM/OVZ] MyRSK.com - Sexy $5 and $10 Deals, FREE FTP+DNS! [DE/US/CZ/UK]

    MyRSK webhosting solutions has entered the budget vps market since well over a year now (globally). However, we have been providing webhosting solutions since 2009 locally - in Dubai for young entrepreneurs and startup companies. We are currently holding strong with many, many happy clients :-)...