What browser are you using?


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Google Chrome is good. But yes that is true that as per policies of Google. Your privacy is open to Google. Google collect data from Google chrome to enhance their business strategies. Have you used Safari browser by Apple. That is good even.


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I use Firefox for everything. and occasionally use Chrome for development. Don't even get me started on IE, it is the devil - I avoid it at all costs :D.


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Google Chrome, have never really used anything else for much longer then an hour and never had any issues with it so in my opinion there is no point in changing.


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Firefox in one monitor, Chrome in the other.

Somethings I do also only work/supported in Chrome as well, such as the baseflight/cleanflight Chrome Apps that I use to tweak/tune my naze32 flight control board on my quads and the TastyPlug plugin for Plug.DJ, a site I use to stream music while I work. The plugin just 'auto-woots', meaning I'm not an ungrateful idler and it gives points to the person playing whatever song is playing at the time.


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chromium (original opensource version of chrome). Now just tried "links" as mentioned by 'raj', will use it some times; thanks Mr "raj"
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OK, so after 2 days of use, re-arranging all my bookmarks and generally setting-up to run nicely, Firefox decides to randomly reset to default. I can't find any way to restore my work. All gone.

Really pissed off right now. F*ck Firefox, I'm going back to Opera, despite it's faults.
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