What Munin graphs are important to you?


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I would like to know what Munin graphs are important to you as a VPS user. Especially if your VPS is running as a webserver hosting multiple sites/blogs.


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Just general ones really. The ones I get the most use out of is the long term use of RAM, CPU, and network graphs.

Munin has a ton of graphs, and I'd be a lying if I said I understood what I was looking at with all of them.


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Personally I think it is really important to log/graph everything. You never know what statistic will help you diagnose an issue down the road.


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I love me some Munin graphs:



Disk latency, throughput, and I/O

per-container KVM graphs, like this:

All of the other graphs are okay but I don't use them much.


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CPU %, load, disk utilization, and firewall throughput are the ones I look at the most.