Which is your favorite vacation place ?

SLL - Conor

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I like beach breaks and so for me, Australia has always been appealing. Shame I live in England so the flight is really expensive!


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Hawaii, the climate there is perfect. Not too much heat and definitely no hell-like humidity like other tropical areas. It's an expensive destination though, but you also get all the benefits of being in the US (security most of all).

Aradhya Menon

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I love to spend my vacation in Kerala. A small, beautiful and stunning place in India. The place is popular for its unique attractions like backwaters, beaches and hill stations. The lush greenery, local cuisines, ancient Ayurveda and the moderate climate are the striking features of Kerala. I choose Kerala on my vacation because I can enjoy the topmost tourist attractions like beaches, hill stations and backwaters at the same time at the cheapest price with Kerala tour packages. So I love to go Kerala to enjoy my vacation.



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My favorite destination is Andaman and Nicobar. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The main attractive part of Andman is its beaches. Crystal clear water is one of the main specialty and all the places of Andaman are very clean and clear. Lots of water-based activities such as Banana Boat Rides, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Parasailing, Undersea Walking, Speed Boating, Jet Skiing, and Sport Fishing or Angling are also available. Andaman Tour Trawell is one of the famous travel agency in Andaman offering special tour packages to the travelers at a cheap and affordable rate
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The most coveted and yet to discovered place in India is Andaman Nicobar Islands. The place offers the travellers a vivid variety of sceneries such lush landscape with a palette of green and blue, whispering waterfalls, long-running rivers which joins with the Bay of Bengal etc are awaiting the travellers. The place has a variety of adventures which makes the travellers' adrenalin to rush. Even in the middle of the night, the sea becomes captivating with the effect of bioluminescence. To enjoy and explore the place at it’s utmost pick a best Andaman tour packages from a reputed travel operator.


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Kerala, the land of Coconuts enthralls the global wide backpackers to its lap. Well, Kerala is my personal choice for a fun-filling and tranquil vacation. The natural arena of Kerala always lightens up in my mind in every vacation time and I am damn sure that Kerala will not disappoint anyone who yearns for an indelible travel experience in midst of the lush greenery. In my opinion, a good travel partner is necessary for you so as to have a jolly and safe vacation time under the giant canopy of an amiable travel chaperone. Since I have planned my trip from Hyderabad, it was that easy for me because I got the best Kerala tour packages from Hyderabad with the least price. Kerala is just wow! a destination with mystic verities as serene backwaters, unique culture, heritage, cuisines, houseboat journey, and dense greenery.
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I wish there was a time machine that could take me back to School Days. I can say that school days were the only best days of my life... :(