Which is your favorite vacation place ?


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I really love Greece. Even though they are having a hard time right now, their tourist services are second to none and the picturesque atmosphere makes it worth while . Having over 1000 islands and holiday destinations laid out all across the country, I have been to Greece every summer for the past 20 years and never had a single moment of boredom. 


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+ 1 to Vancouver, BC and all the area around it. This city is 100% lovely in summer. And I can tell that there are not so many places in the world where you can be on the top of a very high mountain covered with snow now, and then boom.. 15 minutes later you're are already swimming in  the warm sea. The city for itself is interesting too: Downtown of Vancouver has a lot of historical buildings, great nightlife and authentic cuisine from around the world.

This winter we choose Spain for third time. I think the combination of sea, great weather, tasty food, affordable prices, nature, history and a great variety of transportation routes through the whole county is what made this country one of the top tourist destinations. And everyone can choose the type of vacation, which he or she need - the lazy or active one)

And since I live near it I want to promote lake Baikal :) It's the deepest lake in the world, the water is crystal clear, no people around you. There is no infrastructure, only a few camping places. But living there just for a week or two doing nothing just enjoying the view gives you energy to work for an entire year. Baikal is great in Summer, but in late winter it is just ...amazing!


So if someone will have an opportunity to visit Baikal then write me for the tips. 


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Anywhere warm, with a beach.
Mauritius is the best place I've been to. Sat out in the sun so much my hair was bleached.
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I love San Francisco / Bay Area in California - can get expensive though. Exploring a new area here in Ontario (Canada) is always fun!


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Dubai is a very nice place for vacation, also as Turkey belek
Have someone tips for me i want this year to tenerife, mallorca, or some else place in spain.


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Bali and complete Indonesia is awesome. Malaysia as well. You can find awesome diving spots, great food and nice people.


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I don't go to vacation any more, but when I did then the destination was often Bulgaria. I've been there over 25 times in my life; I loved that country and the people.