Who can offer me the cheapeat vps on the planet?


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I think the OP was scared off.

He should come increase his post count so when he gets his lifetime hosting he can resell it in the marketplace.
The op was on antserve.com, and pmed me asking where he can get a cheap vps, I referred him to here. AntServe.com offers paid upgrades and claims they are good for lifetime, so that is where the lifetime thing comes from.


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Antserve? Another failed/scam by none other than one and only Richard Hamill. One of the biggest" lifetime" unlimited hosting scammer out there. Oh did I mention?

Richard Hamill from RHsource also happen to own Smileserve and has a corporate wht membership.
but no network connectivity
What to do without network connectivity? 

Lifetime web hosting offers do exist on ebay, but i cannot find anything on lifetime vps.. so i asked here...

I understand its stupid...about lifetime payment.. but thanks i could know about many good cheap vps providers :)


I'll sell you a lifetime VPS. PM me and I'll give you my personal cell phone number and we'll have a talk.
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