Who was your first VPS provider?


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Forgot the name.. I just remember it was very cheap and I was trying to figure out how to run game server on it. There is high chance host is gone by now. I think my second host was VolumeDrive.
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My first VPS Provider was a P2H Company (FreeVPS.US). I never really used the VPS.

When I found a use for servers, I straight up brought a Dedi.


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My first company here in the UK was MiniVPS. Unfortunately they sold out to a bigger fish

And american prover was crissic


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I bought my first VPS from Linode, but never used that for some reasons.

I actually started using VPSs after buying them from Ramnode and BuyVM. I bought from both of them at the same time.


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Really? Nobody has mentioned VPSLand so far?

It used to be the go-to for private servers and the like, cheap 1-2GB Windows VPS, didn't care too much about performance, and "more performance" was more memory back then. I remember being on a dual core pentium d or something for a while, probably sharing with 16+ other people...