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    Hyper-V Server, Guest OS Ubuntu, Network Problems

    Was it a "clone" of another VM or a fresh install? if it is a clone i've seen that happen when you have two MAC's that are the same.
  2. A - Reviews

    tl;dr: I don't know what i'm doing, i'll just blame the host.
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    Ferguson - No Indictment

    Yes, because the best thing to do when you feel an injustice is to destroy everything that in the city. The stores you shop at, the places your kids go, the places you get your food and entertainment and daily supplies. That will show them. Now once all that is destoryed they will cry for...
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    Datashack yay or nay?

    I currently have one of the WSI's from a while ago. So basically same as that with network.
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    Datashack yay or nay?

    Looking to get a dedi from Datashack. Mainly for a few Minecraft/Game servers. I see a lot of mixed reviews about them and people complaining about poor network. If not any recommendations hoping to be between 50-60ish. Would like ability to self reinstall OS either via panel or IPMI. Would...
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    Game: RUST Dedicated Servers

    If it wouldn't be too much trouble i would appreciate it.
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    Game: RUST Dedicated Servers

    If you dont mind me asking MartinD, do you have a beta server account for it? or were you able to get the server files from steamcmd working?
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    Game: RUST Dedicated Servers

    Does anyone here know or are a 'authorized' server provider for the game. The developers during the alpha period have the server part of it locked down to only authorized providers and most of them are charging a fortune for the servers (~30-50/mo) and most of them do not have a lower limit then...
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    Is there any easy way to do this? (Netflix)

    What I have is at work I the network blocks Netflix (Bandwidth Abuse). I can use a proxy / vpn and access it fine. However they keep blacklisting VPN's they catch. The other problem is for most of our companys internal programs the connection must come from an internal IP that's static to you...
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    VPS & Windows 2K8R2

    - Please delete -
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    vpsBoard community gameserver...

    Starbound has a linux server (32 and 64) built right in. So far mine seems to be running smooth, no crashes or no explosions, however there has not been a lot of people playing it yet. if you know how to setup a source server, do the same but use app_update  211820 Found a couple of tutorials...
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    HDMI Switcher with network capabilities.

    I am wondering if anyone has seen or know if it exists a HDMI switcher (preferably 4+) ports that is network capable. What I mean by this is that I can connect to it via network (web or separate software) and see the HDMI stream that is coming through each port. I have been searching and haven't...
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    Comcast Jacks Customers Again - Modem Rental Fee Raised to $8 a MONTH!

    Man, Fuck Comcast. They have to be the worst company ever. I had a Docsis 3.0 modem subbed to the performance tier was getting the 25/5 decided to upgrade to Blast! and they could not get it working with my modem then they told me my modem was incompatible and not a Docsis 3.0. The modem clearly...
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    US Federal Government Shut Down - Budget Impass :angry:
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    It seems like it is just Ubuntu 12.04LTS with a repo. I got it running however it seems like just a steam wallpaper with the steam client installed. It uses Plymouth bootsplash but it does not seem to be working properly. Repo: