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    Need Help? "I'm Here"

    "And we'll never be Rooyyyaallll"
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    How to secure your wordpress blogs

    I stand by Wordfence. I've used it for quite a while and I've been impressed with how well of a job it has done.
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    Request: Failover DNS account

    I've used them for awhile. Very good service. I also have used in the past which worked well.
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    I need a new project/venture

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    Watch out for your IPMI or KVM-over-IP

    Leaving any kind of device that is not frequently patched publicly accessable is always a bad idea, whether it be IPMI, KVM-over-IP, a switched PDU, etc. We have all of our IPMI/switched PDUs on a private subnet that we access through a hardened linux jumpbox.
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    Web based IPv4/IPv6 address management

    Great find. Thanks for sharing!
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    Nightly backups enabled at BuyVM Las Vegas!

    "wow. such backup. many describe." +1
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    Free cPanel reference posters. (24"X36")

    awesome! thanks for this OP
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    ColoCrossing / VSNX Starts it's Hostile Takeover of the LOWEND VPS Market

    I don't even know how this stuff is legal...
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    wget vs wget

    Dylan,   I think the speed difference that you are seeing might just be a matter of variance. As sv01 stated, both produce the same results and any post-processing in the first script is done after the download, which wouldn't affect the actual download speed.
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    VPSBoard crosses 50k posts

    Congrats Manndude
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    DC in Canada for colo?

    are you still looking dcdan?
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    Do you accept Bitcoins as a payment method? Why? Why not? (Plus other questions)

    When TSM launches (next week?) we are contemplating offering a Bitcoin payment method. The main issue right now is fluctuation and now that MTGox has suspended payouts, I'm not sure if it will still be on the table.
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    Would anyone else like this idea?

    This could be very useful!
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    USAccess DNS Unblocking - Surf/Watch Blocked Content - $25/year vpsboard special

    Could you clarify your question?  I'll take a shot at it anyway. Our service works world-wide, you can use it anywhere.  If you mean will we be enabling UK Netflix (for those on this side of the pond), it is in the works.