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    ARIN Stock Changes Feb 2014 - Down to 1.38

    IANA still has some space to give out, so it's likely some of that space is chopped up.
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    ARIN Stock Changes Feb 2014 - Down to 1.38

    That's very problematic, for more reasons than just that this is stupid.
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    vpsBoard Top Providers of 2014 voting.

    Well, haven't really been active here in a while... RamNode - 3 points. Nick is still running a quite reliable ship other than some (very occasional) hiccups. DigitalOcean - 1 point. They're okay, I don't really use their services except when I need a lot of memory like right this instant for a...
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    WordPress supports multi-site functionality. No need to spin up homes for blogs.
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    Robert Clarke DDoS'd Brings the Internet Down...

    Also related: nLayer in Seattle (and CNServers/RamNode) had shit hit the fan. I'm sure what he did was just let the attack get absorbed by CNServers. Which was surely fun...
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    Big RAM VPS - who actually uses them and for what?

    I use big RAM VPSes due to the sheer amount of Java programs running on my machines, though I only really only have one 1GB VPS with RamNode doing that. I'm looking into upgrading that to 2GB for a project.
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    DigitalOcean to add Singapore Region by the end of January

    From their previous deployments it's likely going to have Telia and NTT.
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    Server Speeds

    RamNode 1GB CVZ-E5, Atlanta, Georgia [email protected]:~$ wget -O /dev/null --2013-12-24 20:36:12-- Resolving ( Connecting to
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    HostNun Abbey Violated by WHMCS Insecurity

    That HN-Yekaterina entry looks mighty suspicious.
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    vpsBoard community gameserver...

    I just happen to know quite a bit about administering Minecraft servers. I'll be up for setting it up. As for administration, I leave that for other people as I have a little bit too much already on my plate. If we're going to do game servers, looks like we're going to run into DediBoard soon :P
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    [Minecraft] How to install & fully secure Multicraft control panel.

    Haha. Like the part where SELinux is disabled.
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    VPSAce hacked, database stolen, encryption key for cards likely taken

    That means that the state of Cascadia exists now?
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    GetDedi - E3 1230 - 16GB - 1TB for $49/month

    Oh serverian, when can you stop with the new brands? :P
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    OpenVZ vs KVM vs Xen (PV and HVM) vs VMWare

    KVM is able to overcommit resources just as well as OpenVZ. The only difference is that it's far more noticeable.
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    Front Range Hosting Joins with Total Server Solutions and Expands Offerings

    There's still Backupsy for Denver :)