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    DigitalOcean Migration

    Shame they don't offer managed VPS.
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    Psychz Networks adds ChinaTelecom & CN2

    I am hoping things are good with them as I am still skeptical of service(based on past reviews) but still curious to give em a shot. I was looking at buyvm and their managed VPS but no clue what is happening there at the moment. So definitely giving psychz serious consideration(have been for...
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    Sneak peak of vpsBoard update

    I am glad you aren't considering Xenforo, thankfully :P
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    The Confederate battle flag.

    I honestly cant appreciate a country that is so out of touch and broken as it is. Gay Marriage is what we're fighting over and a flag when we have freaking Is growing daily. I am not proud to be amaerican lol I do appreciate the work many soldiers who have died for my freedom and safety but I...
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    The Confederate battle flag.

    I cant say I am too offended by someone 'disgracing' the flag. I remember someone got mad because I refused to stand up and do the pledge of allegiance.
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    Sneak peak of vpsBoard update

    Sure of course. I am not a pro though but I don't mind answering any questions I can :) Idk if you saw my edit on the post above,but my forum is on the list(in the 500K range) and my users have really adapted to it. I agree with you about the themes for the most part but you don't like...
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    Sneak peak of vpsBoard update

    Manndude, I saw your post on TAZ and figured I'd reply here because they are a strongly biased community(they prefer XF and generally bash other products). I am so glad to see this site will be moving to IPB4. I made the switch back in May and it has been a mostly wonderful experience and in 99...
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    Where exactly did Jonny come from?

    I am a firm believer that I probably wouldn't waste my time complaining about something I don't want to see when I chose to click said thread JUST to complain. It becomes less legit and more whining in the end....
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    The Confederate battle flag.

    I still see no issue with it, tbh, and I am glad to see that this country for once is doing something right imo
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    Recommended Managed VPS

    Definitely still on the search :) Hoping to sign-up with someone today.
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    A Small Orange(VPS Review)

          And just like that, I drop my Uptime down....My site is offline/down right now. I am going to say it was down for 30 mins at least(likely longer) since I notice it 30 mins ago. Dropping the uptime down to 1. They said it was a memory issue though I don't know why it just randomly ran out...
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    Gay marriage (finally) legalized in the US

    As a gay male, It's not ironic at all. When did Racism/ignorance become permissible exactly? It's kind of why we have laws to protect minorities? The LGBT community is nothing like or remotely similar to the supporters of the rebel flag. On any grounds.
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    A Small Orange(VPS Review)

    Do you mean in regards to ASO? it is more so semi-managed but more so than your typical semi-managed but less than fully. Yeah I got recommended not to try ASO by this dude and it pisses him off anytime I have anything positive to say for them since he is so Anti-EIG. Site5 is pretty good but I...
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    A Small Orange(VPS Review)

    Knownhost was alright tbh. I'd rank them a 3 out of 5 and would use again in the future. HostDime likely not ever again. I used Sparknode(Hivelocity's VPS company) and I was not a fan of how slack and rude the support was. I was just disappointed and I even tried to give them a 2nd...
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    Help with this please(nameservers)

    So I am at the end of my month with my current host and I am trying to migrate to a new host I signed up with earlier this month. The reviews are good and they are fairly active within the Wht/hosting community. My problem with the nameserver is the fact they assigned me a nameserver for my vps...