1. B

    Anyone need a 1GB BlueVM OpenVZ @ $13.50 Semi annually

    Seeing another thread here, remembered that I have a 1GB OpenVZ VPS with BlueVM sitting idle. Its the BlUE3 plan, at Los Angeles, California, costs $13.50 USD Semi annually (Presently, it costs $45.00 USD). Grabbed it during some offer. The VPS is paid till 8th November 2014, just more than 15...
  2. drmike

    BlueVM's domain name was hijacked

    URL: New Wave NetConnect Acquires Blue VM Communications New Wave NetConnect, a Velocity Server / ColoCrossing Company Acquires Blue VM Communications We’re excited to announce another addition to New Wave NetConnect LLC, the company behind market leader ChicagoVPS, has...
  3. drmike

    BlueVM and the great labor rights of exploiting labor

    So from that other world of IRC....  BlueVM's IRC... <DanielI> I'm babysitting s12-ca <newbie55> Daniell: Since this is the 4th outage in a month, I'm about to leave this service anyway :P <newbie55> no offense, just the facts. <newbie55> you can forward it to management as well, they need to...
  4. drmike

    BlueVM outted on as bad pay

    Well, BlueVM and owner Justin Johnston are being called out on as bad pay by member WootWoot from Heymman Servers... Link:
  5. drmike

    BlueVM Change of Ownership?

  6. sundaymouse

    BlueVM - S1-NY Disk Failure

    From their mass email to S1-NY Buffalo clients:
  7. B

    BlueVM shared hosting down

    Hope this is the right place to post. So, the CPanel shared hosting service from BlueVM is down for more than 18 hours and still no official response from the team on it. Not yet sure whether they manage shared and reseller clients on a single server. I haven't bumped any tickets as I know it...