BlueVM outted on as bad pay


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Well, BlueVM and owner Justin Johnston are being called out on as bad pay by member WootWoot from Heymman Servers...


Justin Johnston (BlueVM Communications LLC) owes service provider $878.00 USD

Justin Johnston, CEO of BlueVM Communications LLC, owes Heymman Servers the sum of $878.00 USD (excluding any interests).

Justin Johnston has been renting servers from us during the past several months and have left us, in December, with an unpaid debt of $878.00 USD. While recognizing that they owe us a fair amount of money, BlueVM LLC has shown no effort to pay their debt in a timely manner, regardless of the many payment options we offered them. We are thus bringing this case to WHT's community as a warning of their unethical and dubious behaviour (to say the least), for their VPS service customers and their service providers.

Heymman Servers
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Wait he has a Fortatrust unpaid bill too?  They do the whole public posting of deadbeats, right?  

Heymann's website:

They offer dedicated servers out of Wholesale Internet (WSI) in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.


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First, RE Fortatrust... There's a whole story about that which was posted on LET a while back (along with the stories from other former Fortatrust clients). I'll let Justin know about this thread, but I wouldn't expect a reply on WHT, unless the staff there have stopped their abnormal hate of us. 


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I told him I would pay the invoice before midnight tonight; he thought that I meant before close of business today and when he tired to email me asking for an update I was asleep... We had a misunderstanding and that is all this is. My PayPal was locked for review recently and I had to move the funds from my bank to my secondary PayPal. This is nothing more than a miscommunication mixed with unfortunate circumstances.


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Good ole Gordon! 




Pulled the same with us in march 2013.
^--- Gordon saying BlueVM stuck them with a bill.   

This makes three companies at the YOU OWE party.

Did Rallias ever get paid the money he was due from BlueVM?   Oh wait, that was a stunt,  just like all this....  Someone hacked us all...
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you still lucky

I got banned from there because they force me to admit I have 2 account and I dont do that

they even refuse to refund my corporated member fee
I had two accounts there. I told them that I created one in 2001, and another in like 2003 or something. They merged the two. Though I discovered it myself after finally locating the login details for the very old one, and requested they merge them so my sign-up date reflected the older of the two accounts.

WHT isn't really that unreasonable. Moderators are people too. Talk to them like one and you'll get treated like one, in my experience.


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Who is banned from WHT?
BlueVM, there's a LET thread about it somewhere.

I think it had to do with the WHT being the idiots they are and jumping to conclusions though. 
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Alright, so.... It looks like Justin satisfied the invoice to Woot...

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We received payment in full from Justin Johnston less than 2 hours after this thread has been opened. Justin has been showing signs of good faith throughout the entire process, saying he would pay the invoice "shortly", but never actually did, presumably because his "primary" Paypal account was "locked". We ended up telling him our final deadline (before we'd post something in WHT's and LET's forums) would be Friday evening and Justin interpreted that as being Friday "before midnight". Justin indeed sent payment shortly before midnight. It's very unfortunate that we had to escalate this to WHT's community and I think we can both say that we're quite surprised to see how strongly the community reacted to this (this ha
That leaves the others and that pesky contractor :)