FitVPS pre-Xmas special offer - Atom with 3TB HDD for $30/month


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Here is a pre-Xmas special offer from us. It includes one small dedicated server. This is one-of-a-kind - we only have one of these motherboards left and they are not available anymore to buy, so the offer will not reappear unless there is a cancellation.

For those who don't know our servers are located in Varna, Bulgaria.

I would like to sell this only to someone who i class as "low risk" and "no trouble". I will use your previous topics / comments on vpsboard

to judge who is low risk for us and who is not. So PM me if you want to get this server.
People seeking for warez hosting, seedboxes, spammers, etc. should not apply.

Server spec is is:

CPU: Atom D2500 (2 cores, 1.86GHz, CPU benchmark score 404)  
HDD: 1x 3TB Seagate SV35 series, model ST3000VX000-9YW166 with 0 reallocated sectors and 2216 Power On hours.  
Bandwidth: 4TB on 100Mbps port  
Price: 30 USD / month or 85 USD / quarter  

So this is basically a big 3TB network attached disk, hosted somewhere far away from you.
It's ideal for storing backups of backups, adding it to a tahoe-lafs cluster, etc.
And i believe it's the cheapest 3TB of dedicated storage you can currently rent.

For people in EU - 30USD is currently a little less than 22 EUR, but there is +20% VAT for EU end users.

The server comes with either 1 IP, or 5 free IPs. If you choose 5 IPs, a /29 subnet will be assigned (SWIPed) in your name.

Remote reboot and automatic installations (noc-ps) is included with all the servers.
We can also give you an IP KVM for initial setup in case it is needed. For instance with the 3TB HDD it would probably be needed, because "normal" parittions can be at most 2TB big, and for 3TB HDD gpt partitions are used. However ubuntu's and debian's grub are stupid and don't want to install when gpt partitions are used. Some manual intervention is required in this case.

Why choose us:
- We are a small privately owned, 100% debt free company, in business since 1998  
- We are RIPE LIR since the year 2000 - own the IP address space and the AS number  
- We own all the server hardware  
- We own all the network hardware, etc.  
- We are not french  
- We don't have stupid cancellation policies and will not make you write us a registered letter if you decide to cancel your server.  
- We know what we are doing
- I'm a nice guy. Sometimes ;-)  

Our regular dedi offers can be found here -

Our previous offer on vpsboard is here:

Reviews? Here is one:  

Q: test-ip?  

Q: warez allowed?  
A: No

Q: porn allowed?  
A: No

Q: torrents allowed?  
A: if we don't receive any complaints, we don't know you are torrenting. If we start receiving complaints you have to either stop or leave.

Q: IRC?  
A: please don't, unless it's just you peacefully chatting.

Q: ipv6?  
A: Yes

Q: rDNS?  
A: via ticket. For ipv6 routed netblocks we can delegate it to your name servers

Q: "email marketing"?  

Q: Can we transfer the ownership of a server?
A: No. You can cancel, we will put it back in stock and the other person can order it. But no transfers.

Here is the product ordering link so you can view the options -
However please DO NOT order it directly. PM me first.


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Well, it seems more people only need 100-200-500 GB of storage, not 3TB. But who knows, maybe someone has a use for this one.


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Do you really need a 3TB HDD for a tor node?

Anyway - tor exit - over both mine and your dead bodies.

Tor middle - could. But doesn't make sense in my eyes.