1. B

    Will be offering Colocation services in the Detroit area

    We're hoping that we will be providing our clients with Colocation services in our Southfield/Detroit datacenter within the next 90 days. Our Detroit location provides super fast connectivity as it resides on the main fiber running through the Midwest area.  We use nothing but the best...
  2. Awmusic12635

    FLIPHOST | Colocation Starting at $49

    Fliphost is now offering colocation out of our Infomart Dallas location: Single Servers 1U 1A @ 110V 10TB @ 100mbit port /29 IPv4 /64 IPv6 $49/month ($15 setup fee) +$10/month for extra 1U (max up to 4) +$15/month for extra 1A (max up to 4) +$5/month for IPMI port +$10/month for 1Gbit port...
  3. V

    ultra lowend colo (colo offers less than $20/m)

    If there are dedicated servers less than $20/m- I don't see any reason why colocation cannot break that price barrier. Please list any colocation providers offering in this range. Thanks!
  4. kaniini

    [Dallas] Centarra - 45U / [email protected] A+B / 125Mbps 95th% / Free IPs - 100% Power and Network SLA!

    We are pleased to offer vpsBoard readers a special offer as a result of completing our datacenter expansion in Dallas. Centarra Networks utilizes Digital Realty's 2323 Bryan facility in Dallas for all colocation offers.  Our entire facility is built around redundancy, offering full A+B power...
  5. Increhost

    Uruguay new location, interesting? not? why? We love your feedback !

    Hey there!, we're currently finishing negotiations with the DC in Uruguay (, and we're curious what VPSBoard people think about this location as an option to put your services in. And also in case you like the location, what kind of services would you...
  6. A

    [UK] Astutium Ltd Just-Add-Servers Managed Colocation in London Docklands 11u Quarter Racks

    Astutium Ltd have available for immediate occupation 6 additional racks for 'individual server colo' and 6 racks in various configurations (11u, 22u, 44u) all connected to AS29527 our multi-site 100% uptime network - (check uptime) # All colocation taken in November is MRC-free until the end of...
  7. MartinD

    APC AP7853 Metered Zero U PDU

    Hi all, I have a used APC AP7853 up for grabs. It's a Zero U unit with 24 sockets in total - 20 x C13 and 4 x C19. You can see all the technical info on APC's site here: Looking for £200 or £220 posted in the UK.
  8. bigcat

    Share your server specs

    Following this thread with interest, now I'm curious about custom build server that you colocate. So lets bring your mightiest server to the battle and state the technical specs. B) Example Picture is a huge plus Ready made dedicated server user, please stay away :D