1. drmike

    Centarra Migrates Data Centers Some Customers Not Notified

    Centarra a provider offering out of Dallas, Texas, appears to be right now doing a crazy data center migration.  Customers allegedly were not told of the migration and are living through the unplanned downtime. As per their website:
  2. J

    IPXCore leaving ColoCrossing in Buffalo and moving to Choopa, NJ

    Just received this e-mail.
  3. drmike

    FlipperHost Does Migration of Some Customers During Christmas Holiday, Customers Complain

    Flipperhost, a recent LEB offering company with three locations seems to be quick migrating customers here during the Christmas week. From one LEB post: A seeming Flipperhost rep responded: No word on which location is being impacted. Seems like the latest provider fad is forced migrations...
  4. peterw

    VPS Ace another emergency migration to NL

    Today I received following email: What a cheap excuse to move to NL. I have the feeling that NL is the next Buffalo of europe.
  5. drmike

    URPad closing locations, merging into 3 central non-rental datacenter --- DUMPS COLOCROSSING!

    Just got this in my inbox....